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Jdfjoufr editor "... jofm bar/our 

5porte editors ... sr?an/ h&&J?5 / y?atric-;a o'rourJce , James rosarto 
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underc/a$$ editors ... /ow'sa froiir / ai 6ucf:/ay 
artwork ... j>atr/cfa fian/on, tdc Jtrt/jpnt , //aid/' iraj/ior 

fhotroprap/ters ... lee dicfeon , mark tra$A~ , j>#rdon cample// 
dd ye rt is entente - /vberta j?J?j?pe,/7 , oar/a yearsorf 
tales ... /naryre-t zyrore///' 

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rta/iey wd/^/'/iso/? j anne c/onoi/aii 
jpr^redde-rs ... /nan/ e*/eary , /nary Jane, £ra££/'s y 

yp/'erce- c/&y , Jtffy ^/w^5" 

Jeffrey Martin Smith 

Break, break, break, 

On thy cold gray stones, O Sea! 
And I would that my tongue could utter 

The thoughts that arise in me. 

O well for the fisherman's boy, 

That he shouts with his sister at play! 

O well for the sailor lad, 

That he sings in his boat on the bay! 

And the stately ships go on 
To their haven under the hill ; 

But O for the touch of a vanished hand, 
And the sound of a voice that is still ! 

Break, break, break, 

At the foot of thy crags, O Sea! 
But the tender grace of a day that is dead 

Will never come back to me. 


Maybe this was meant to be a dream 
when it is over, 

It is gone, 

Like a dream goes when I wake up. 

Nothing I can take with me 

Brings me back to it * 

All I have is memories 

There may be some night when I am sad, 

thinking back, 
And knowing it is gone — 
But I am not sad for having it. 
I was happy, and learned a little 
It is worth spending a day remembering/ 
Even with tears — 

And when the morning comes 
I may have another dream 
Almost as good as this one. 

The class of '74 would like to show its appreciation to a teacher who has been 
our sincere friend. His sense of humor and his concern for us have been 
important parts of this friendship. The carefree way in which he has joked 
around and ranked us is contrasted by the interest he has had in our achieve- 
ments as well as our disappointments. 

While other teachers hibernated in the teachers' rooms, he spent his free time 
with us . . .he talked to us in the halls, in studies, and at lunch ... he chal- 
lenged our efforts to sneak out for subs ... he helped when we were trying 
to sell anything ... he coached our Boys' Varsity Basketball team ... he 
participated in student-teacher activities . . . 

Whether we knew him as a coach, truancy spy, salesman, or simple friend, we 
will all remember him with a towel around his neck, a whistle in his hand, and 
a friendly word for everyone. 

With these thoughts, we, the class of '74, dedicate our yearbook to Mr. Clark 

Friendship makcth daylight in the understanding, out of darkness and confusion of thoughts. 


Seniors Who Left 

Paula Almeida 
Taunton High School 

Gina Giuliano 
Franklin High School 

John Coddou 

Billy Livingstone 
Belmont Hill 

Bob Paris 
Cherry Hill East 

Karl Schlachter 
Taber Academy 



Beginning Of School 



Mr. Raccuia, Social Studies Rm. 29 Mr. Kelly, Social Studies Rm. 28B 

Mr. Gray, Superintendent Mrs. Brighton, Secretary Mrs. Glover, Home Economics Rm. Mrs. Wunschel, Home Economics 

10 Rm. 12 


Mr. Walsh, Math, Rm. 200 Mr Hogan, Math, Math Lab Miss Schaeffer, Chemistry, Rm 201A 

Mr. Grew, Asst. Superintendent Mj ss Babaian, Guidance Mr. Hart, Guidance Mr. Leary, Guidance 

Mr. Thompson, Science, Dept. Head 

Mr. Dunn, Math, Rm. 202 

Mr. Davis, Math Dept. Head 

Mrs. Kittner, Social Studies Dept. Head 


.ie teacher is the most important 
adult outside the family. 


(Row one:) L. Labreque, J. Kennedy, L. Jones, J. Millard, M. Lagrotteria, A. Ross, E. Ripley, D. Scott, S. Savage, P. Rattenbury, R. Sargent. (Second row:) P. Laugelle, B. Lipsett, R. 
Infusino, M. McDonald, J. McCullough, L. Sheehy, L. Polito, P. Plante, P. Rice, D. Saleski, D. Sestito. (Row three:) B. McGugan, S. Laugelle, B. Keane, C. Kelley, K. Kent, J. Riley, W. 
Roy, K. Ross, T. Piepenbrink, M. Patrolia, M. Salerno. 

S. Stover, K Stanford, S. Tedeschi, M. Townley, S. Muir, B. O'Brien, M. Palmer, T. Marr, B. Wagner. (Second row:) T. Speck, A. Trask, N. Towle, R. Tebbetts, K. McPherson, R.Jason, 
A Paris, L. McNabb, T O'Connell (Third row:) B. Taylor, L. Trettis, S. Sisson, L. Campion, M. Mellow, K. O'Connor, S. Quilty, S. Pottenger, D. O'Neill. 


Of 1979 

(First row:) M. Burke, K. Ainslie, L. CarrollJ. Carbone, R. Baird, S. Greenman, C. Gonsalves, K. Glodgett, C. Goodwin, R. Holmes. (Second row:) G. Cahill, J. Carroll, C Carey, C. 
Clarke, D. Chambers, D. Gunville, J. Harmon, D. Hanlon, R. Hobson, T. Higgins, M. Grossman. (Third row:) R. Barrow, B. Buckley, B. Brown, S. Allen, J. Hines, W. Hoops, J. Han, J. 
Howley, B. Hart. 

(Row one:) P. Curley, B. Curelli, A. Dickson, J. Delisle, L. Crough, B. Donahue, E. Figueiredo, L. DiTullio, R. Durant, P. Chapman. (Row two:) B. Conlan, P. Cook, P. Dilbeck, K. Diab, 
J. DiNardo, B. DiTullio, B. Duncan, D. Emilson, R. Florescu, J. Durkin. (Row three:) M. Collins, C. Cillon, B. Ditmar, D. Reardon, A. Davis, J. Douglass, E. DonnellyJ. Foell, A. 
Glasfeld, W. Boscow. 


(First row:) K. Salvador, M. O'Rourke, K. Neclon, C. McNeill, S. O'Connell, C. McPherson, J. Perroncello, T. Cone, D. Buckley, H. Chase, L. Chapman, J. Carlson. (Second row:) W. 
Pratt, M. Londergan, D. O'Leary, L. Neagle, J. Porter, D. Buckley, D. Christie, D. Clark, M. Caruso, H. Marsh. (Third row:) A. Roebuck, C Ripley, T. Norris, D. Ross, C. Salerno, B. 
O'Brien, E. Carroll, C. Collins, P. Carmody, P. Brownell. 

(First row:) S. Atkinson, D. Brown, K. Bilodeau, A. Bellefontaine, P. Benson, L. Harris, A. Martone, C. Hoffman, L. Kjer, P. Caruso. (Second row:) S. Bjorldund, L. Aheam, R. Bowen, J. 
Barrett, R. Booth, H. Coley, K. Anderson, S. Dillon, C. Duncan, R. Farwell. (Third row:) T. Ballerino, C. Abbruzzese, R. Brown, S. Barcomb, P. Madigan, K. McCloskey, M. Marchesi, E. 

McDonald, M. Farrell. 


Of 1978 

(First row:) W. Ross, D. Whitlow, M. Twaddle, C. Trask, A. Marks, T. Tewksbury, M. O'Rourke, S. McDonald, G. Seavey, D.Jones, M. Sarian, M. Settino, S. Sladen, M. Quinlan.J. Nash, 
J. Stockwell, J. Woods, M. Zotos, D. O'Leary, R Ryan, D. Schleicher, T. Parziale, S. Sinopoli, C. Sestito, C. Smith, L. Smith. (Third row:) C. Stover, J. Roy, S. Sandblom, R. Topper, J. 
Tebbetts, J. Whealan, M. Wesoloski, J. Ryan, P. Quilty, E. Price, K. Kadendorf, S. Ramsay, D. Sargent. 

(First row:) M. Coyne, D. Davis, J. Dean, C. Duncan, D. Nardo, K. Dickson, P. Fox, D. Gleaves, F. Glynn, T. Fernald, L. Jackman, E. Kurtz. (Second row:) P. Durant, S. DiTullio, T. 
Dooley, M. Ditmar, S. Coughlin, P DeGiacomo, R Hill, P Hellar. A Ferreira, P Flanagan, T. Hernan, P. Hertig. (Third row:) C Cowen, J. Durkin, R. Drago, C. Dennis, P. D'Onofrio, 
P. Jones, J. Lahage, R. Frankel, D. Kraft, B. Harrington, M. Gurnis. 



(First row:) N. Yeaton, D. Washburn, G. Callahan, E. Curlcy, J. Baird, K. Dillon, P. Gunville, K. Donahue, L. Lyons, M. Foster, H. 
Schlachter, V. Norris, M. Sullivan, D. Cotter, M. Bellafontaine. (Second row:) M. Coe, S. Cahill, L. Dixon, P. Tiltinson, J. Viola, J. Isa- 
belle, M. Han, K. Kelley, K. Wilkinson, J. Emanuello, C. Salvador, D. Goyette, C. O'Connor, K. Curelli, K. Camerson, S. Barrows. (Third 
row:) D. Silvia, S. Sweeney, K. Bobo, J. Besse, R. Fletcher, L. Taylor, K. Daniels, Z. Cotter, N. Trettis, C. Smith, B. Taylor, J. Sadler, K. 
Scott, K. Rodgers, J. Donnelly. 

(First row:) W. Hobbs, D. Silvia, L. Drago, K. Chisholm, R. Livingston, M. St. John, W. West, K. Lyons, W. Marsh, K. Knight, E. 
Bishop, D. Seavey, J. Douglass. (Second row:) A. Caroll, M. McClean, M. Dolan, S. Millard, S. Stanford, S. Gilmore, W. Halloran, G. 
Spalt, J. Kearney, J. Dean, F O'Rourke, B. Livingston, J. Tedeschi. (Third row:) M. McNeill, A. Tye.J. Driscoll, C. Brennock, L. Monruri, 
S. Kravette, V. Vanderlugt, T. Sheehy.J. Donnelly, S. Hatch, W. Thayer, S. McNulty, J. Basmajian. 



Donald Bell, Jill Basmajian, Susan McNulty, Wendy Thayer. 


(First row:) D. PatroliaJ. McCullenJ. Cooper, K. Winn, C. Tosi, B. Mailers, R. Polito, P. Trask, J. Kern.J. Shooshan, G. Meallo, R Mulhern, A. 
White, R. Walsh, M. Davis (Second row:) A. McGugan, J. Cone, D Doggett, M. Carroll, R. Pennington, D. Stover, P. Lewis, S. Briggs, K. Buckley, 
J. Bowen, P. Reardon, R. Rice, E.Joseph, B. Coleman, H. Schramn. (Third row:) G. Ashjian, E. Marchesi, S. O'Brien, J. Cahill, B. Reynolds, S Ellis, 
M. Dooley, K. Porter, D. Neelon, J. Daugherty, N. O'Brien, J. Buckley, D. Pratt, M. SeastromJ. Walls. 




(First row:) B. McCool, A. McCarthy, J. Mitchell, M. McGinnis, J McKinnon, J. Flanagan, E. Ferreira, S. Curley, A. Donovan, L. McAdams, R. Rodgers, C. 
Young, P. Tcncr. (Row rwo:) C. O'Donald, L. McCarthy, M. Mendlovitz, G. McCarthy, L. Francis, B. Driscoll, M. Durkin, R. Donahue, R. D'Onofrio, L. Townly, 
J. Williams, B. Winn, L. Travers, M. Winn, R. Patrolia. (Row three:) J. McLean, M. Patrolia, M. McGinnis, B. McMahaon, P. Dillon, J. Hollingshead, L. Fichtner, 
R. Hellar, M. Cacey, M. Zappolo, S. Wirth, P. Grahm, J. DiTullio, J. Piepenbrink, R. Suddath, B. Fiori. 

(First row:) P. Power, S. Pfaffman, B. O'Leary, P. Patrolia, M. Saldi, D. Clarke, D. DeGiacomo, D Streeter,J. Shannon, J. Sturdy, A. Watson, W. Wesoloski. (Row 
two:) W. Polito, M. Patrolia, H. Munroe, R. Kravate, T. Chiasson, V. Collins, W. Carothers, L. Curley, H. Taylor, B. White, M. Conlan, R. West, Z. Nardo. (Row 
three.) G Ricketts, R. Rosano, J. Pipenbrink, T. Salerno, N. Collins, M. Buckiey.J. Desile.J. Stanford, A. Snowdale, R. Suddath, M. Zappolo, M. Winchester. 

Class Officers 

Richard Madigan 
Leslie McAdams 
Robin Cotter 
Lisa Fichtner 

(First row:) K. McArthur, L. KJier, D. Londergan, P. Kelleher, D. Keefey, M. Hall, A. Gilmorc, C. Gainor.J. Grisdale, K. Gibbons, S. 
Bowditch, S. Brady, P. Ballerino, D. Atkins, S. Blossom. (Row two:) D. James, M. Lahage, S. Ketchum, S. Maynard. E. Madge, C. Hoy, 
C. Holt, A. Hawes, N. Goff, W. Frieson, M. Buckley, C Bell, E. Block, L. Bailey, S. Booth. (Row three:) M.Johnson, R. Madigan, J. 
Mack, D. Munroe, B. Killion, R. Hammonds, G. Hurlbut, C. Hurtig, J. Lagrotteria, B. Blakanan, A. Bjorkland, L. Branagan. 


(Third row:) K. McCullough, J. LongoJ. Maher, D. Martone, J. HassnJ. Hoy, H. Harris, C. Gould. (Second row:) J. McGinnisJ. MacDonald, J. 
Marcella, D. Lord, M. Howley, R. Kurtz, P. Hobbs, M. Hart. (First row:) D. Lauc, K. Cotter, B. Marsden, S. Linsley, H. Harrington, K. Hanlon, L. 
Holt, T. Infusino, L. Humphreys. 



fThird row: ) P. Trayers, M. Najjar, B. Sullivan, D. McNulty, D. Silvia, R. Silvia, C. Quilty, C. Smith, (Second row:) E. Vanderlugt, M. Walls, S. O'Brian, J. Parker, G. St. John, D. 
Pottengcr, D. Smith, G. Conors. (First row:) L. Murray, I. Gjesteby, M. Granger, S. Watrous, V. Norris, A Stanford, J. Prescott, S. Smith, D Syrmopoulos. 



"Chi non lav ca non fa l'amore." Favorite expression: 
"Mamma mia!" Remembers most: my home town, 
Italy. Wants to forget most: Biology 10c. Usually 
seen with: Giuliana, Maria and Lynn. Likes: Mas- 
simo Raniere. Ambition: go back to Italy. Secret 
desire: to grow one more foot. Dislikes: living in 



"If you sleeze you win with ease." Likes: A lternating 
Current. Usually seen with: A reeking fog Favorite 
expression: Hurtin for certain. Favorite Hangout: 
Clouds. Noted for: Not knowing how. Secret desire: 
To receive a little love from Interesting Girls. 



"Meglio una volta gialinire che cento rossicare." 
Remembers most: Italian feasts, the mountain, 
fourth grade. Wants to forget most: sixth grade, 
homework, embarrassing situations, worms in Biol- 
ogy. Likes: vacations, Mino Reitano, music, algebra, 
science. Ambition: get out of school as fast as possi- 
ble and cut a shag on Maria. 



"Life is not material things, it is composed of things 
like sunsets." Remembers most: trip to France '73, 
Belly dancing with Janet and Trisha, Powderpuff 
Game '73. Wants to forget most: A. P. English 
papers, Cohasset School Committee. Usually seen 
with: Joan, Trisha, Helen, Janet Likes: Cohasset, the 
ocean, lobsters, Paris, horses, traveling, school. 
Noted for: candor, tearing off lunch bag corners, 
loving horses Ambition: to become a psychiatrist, to 
speak fluent French. Pet peeve: people who cut in 
the lunch line Secret desire: to become the President. 


Individualized Guided 
Study Program 

"For sheer efficiency, self-motivated learning has all other forms of learning far, far outstripped." 

Alternative School 

Kathleen Anderson 
Emily Arwood 
Diana Bloomfield 
Marc Brownell 
Paula Buckley 
Clair Cant re II 
Mark Carlson 
Betsy Figuiredo 
Kevin Fox 
Sharline Green 
Peter Grimes 
Mary Howe 
Debcxah Jones 

Linda Mailers 
Michael McCloskey 
Sharon McClosky 
John McNabb 
Michael Murphy 
Susan Randall 
Dana Salvador 
Shirley Snyder 
Nancy Sullivan 
Eric Watkins 
Dawn Whitney 
Laurel Wilmore 
Beth Winston 

Cohasset High's 
Alternative Program 

Cohasset High School's Alternative Program now 
includes 26 students and 5 teachers — and we hope to 
expand next year. We are both a school within the 
school and a school without the school because we take 
advantage of any outside learning experience that can 
help us — Boston, hospitals, community resources of 
all kinds. We are not held to regular procedures such as 
study halls, so that we may carry out the daily schedules 
that we design ourselves — with guidance from our 
advisors. Each faculty advisor in the Alternative School 
has about 6 students he works closely with. We have 
weekly 2-hour large group meetings, and are responsi- 
ble for logging our own attendance. We feel we're get- 
ting somewhere; we feel we're making the most of our 
education; anckwe welcome your interest in the pro- 




jack Mcdonald 

"Captains Don't Take Dummies" 

Four or Five Yards A Pop" 


"Peanut Butter and Jelly — Not Fluff" 


V I 

"I Can See Daylight, Put the Ball 

"QB's Must Have Guts 

"Don't Go for the Inside Fake" 

"Up Like a Shot . . . " 

West Bridgewater 

East Bridgewater 




Cohasset 13 

Cohasset 2 

Cohasset 15 




Cohasset 6 



P. Rooncy, J. DooleyJ. Buckley (Co-Capt.), J. McDonald (Co-Capt.), G. Hoffman, K. O'Neil, E. Holt, B. Sullivan, C. Keating, R. Silvia, M. Howley, R. Kurtz, R.Jones, M. Walls, G. 
Laggrotteria, J. Curley, C. Hurtig, B. Blakeman, D.James, A. Snowdale, S. Stanford, R. Patrolia, R. Nardo, S. Laugelle. 

R. Drake, S. O'Brien, E. Marchisi, W. Coleman, J. Bowen, E.Joseph, N. O'Brien, M. St. John, B. Buckley, R. Rice, B. Pennington, M. Davis, B. Marsden, B. Mulhern, B. Randall, B. Kelly, 
K. Buckley, K. Fahey, S. Sweeney, R. White, S. Drago, B. Kearney, S. Briggs, D. Silvia, J. Walls, Mr. Walsh. 

(Kneeling:) Coach Fortin, B. Clark, B. Hines (Co-Capt.), P. Anderson, B. Chisholm, J. Barlow, R. Maclntoish. (Standing:) M. Munro, A. Buckley, B. Harris, K. Gogain, T. Cowan, P. 
Grimes, G. Zap, S. Dickson. 

•» 1 

f fl 

I I 



This year's 
soccer team started 
off on the right foot, as wins 
against Weymouth South and 
Bridgewater generated an enthusiatic 
atmosphere among the members of the 
second year team. But then a series of 
heart-breaking loses, including one to 
Duxbury in the last three seconds con- 
verted that enthusiasm to disappoint- 
ment and apathy. The enthusiasm 
unfortunately was never 
restored and consequently a 
poor record resulted. 


G. Hurlbut, S. Bowditch, B.Jackson (Co-Capt.), Mr. Leary, M. Buckley (Co-Capt.), V. Vanderlugt, J. Buckley. (2nd row:) M. Carroll, D. Pottenger, D. Shan- 
non, M. Han, D. Clark. 


Kip's a quick mover. 

Look at the gawk! 

Summer pick up games — no show . . . deceiving start 5- 
and OT 2-1 win . . . Dickson's broken collarbone . . . 
switching positions every game . . . Jamaican star? . . . 
Duxbury — 3 seconds left . . . downhill . . . Andy gets 
"psyched" . . . muddy practices . . . Goat Hanover, 
watching the rainbow, it's over, finally. 

Where's the nearest watering place. 

Right on Chris! 

All right the season's over! 



(Front row:) R. Phippen (Co-capt.), K. Anderson, J. Neagle, K. White (Co-capt.), S. Thayer,J. Baz, L. Fesler. (Back tow:) Miss Babaian, V. Norris 
(mgr.), L. Holt, B. Marsden, L. Murray, S. Boscow, M. Abbruzzese, L. Gjesteby, S. Smith, M. Hall, H. Harrington, A. Haskell, P. Bowen, K. Anderson 





(Front row:) P. Ballerino, M. O'Brien, D. Streeter, J. Shannon, A. Donovan (Co-capt.), N. Goff, E. Block (Co-capt ), L. Gibbons, A. Gilmore, L. Curly, C. 
Holt, C. Hoy, L. Klier. (Back row:) L. Bailey, M. Foster, A. Whelan, L. Taylor, L. Baz, A. Fox, K. Curelli, M. Dooley, P. Gunville, W. Thayer, M. Fink. 



r. Varsity 



Series #1 

Series #2 





East Bridgewater 



































Six laps . . . C'mon, up the hill . . .all the injuries . . 
pancaking . . . "I'd be afraid to light a match back here' 
. . . the missing quilt . . . the last 30 seconds of the 
Hanover game . . . pre-game huddles . . . birthday 
parties. . . bus rides . . . THE BOTTOMLESS PIT . . 
party after the last game . . . the morning after!!! 


* .' *" ' 

Berta Phippen, 
"Oh, Fie!" 

Seniors '74 

Kathy White 
"Where's the defense-' 

June Neagle 
"I can't make it today, but . 

Laurie Fesler 
Sorry I'm late but . 

Mike Colleton 
"I'm up!" 




It matters not who won or lost: 

The Squad: M. Sigr ondli fC.apt ), D. Smith, D. Osbourne, C. 
Winn, L. Turner, I Tener.J barker, M. Hunrwork, D. Syrmopo- 
4g lis, B. Fielding (0>0rx.). (Mining:) S. O'Brien. E. Tewksbury. 

It's did you see the game? 

ma 1 \ 



Wait till you see the next play! 

, J. Basmajian, B. Phippen.J. Ne 
T. O'Rourke, L. Fesler, M. Hobbs, L Joyce, 
Laugelle, K. White, S. Thayer, D. Power, E. 
Tewksbury, A. Cifrino, C. Shea, N. Wilkinson, 
* H. Taylor, L. Emilson, T. Salerno, C. Foster 



fij£ A f 

W 1 

Set for action 

She won't get by me! 


L. Holt, S. Boscow, H. Harrington, P. Durkin, L 
Laugelli, M. Laugelli, L. Murray, S. Randall, I. 
Gjesteby, M. Abbruzzee, J Prescott, R. Pape, K. 
Cotter, J Amos, M. Granger, A. Haskell, M. 
Dunn, B. Fielding, J Parker, S. Smith, S. Day, ] 
Humphreys, V. Norris, T. Bowen, S. O'Brien, 1 
Marsden, L. Badger, E Vanderlugt, D. Sargent. 



Mass Confusion 

Super fan strikes again. 


Clubs And Activities 

Senior High Student Council 

(Front row): V. Norris; A. Donovan; J. Basmajian; D. Power; J. McNabb (President); L. gan. (Standing): Mr. Sheehan; S. Briggs; D. Bell; D. Bell; A. Buckley; B. Hines; J. 

Holt; P. Gunville; I. Gjesteby; M. Barlow. (Second row): W. ThayerjJ. Mack; R. Madi- Rosano; B. Hines; E. Bates; E. Holt; J. Barlow; K. Smith; L. Fesler. 

G. Clark 

K. O'Connor 

C. Hoffman 
N. Roberts 
B. Keane 

P. Young 
L. Harris 
L. DiTullio 
L. McNabb 
B. Curelli 

D. Foell 

H. Coley 

E. Atwood 
P. Madigan 
M. Settino 
K. Whalen 
M. Fichtner 

I. McCormick 



ric Knight 
or -In-Chief 

John McNabb 
Managing Editor 


Editor — Douglas Thompson 
Asst. Editor — John Barlow 
Mike Colleton, Lisa Montuori, Dan 
Neeton . Jitl Kern 

J.H. News Editor — Lauren McNabb 


Editor — Marjorie Benedict 
Miriam La h age, Ellen Gainor, Carol 
Michener, Heidi Taylor, Laurie Fesler, 
Bob Killion 


Editor —Jim Rosano 

Soys Sports — Mark DiGiacamo 

Girls Sports — Anne Donovan 


Editor - Mark Trade 


16mm —Peter Gurnis 


Business Mgr. — Karen Golden 
Accountant — Jill Kern 
Circulation — Karen Golden 
Publicity — Eric Knight, Bruce KNIian 
Advertising — Carla Pearson 

Yearbook Staff 

(Front row): K. Golden; S. Kelly; M. Hobbs; K. White; P. Hanlon; R. Phaffman; P. Cray; E. Tewksbury; R. Phippen; P. Salerno; J. Tye; L. Dickson; J. Barlow; C. Mitchner; P. 
O'Rourke; N Wilkinson; E. Knight; A. Cifrino. (Back row): C. Pearson;J. Emmons; K. Marten; M. Trask; E. Holt; M. O'Leary; L. Laugelle; E.Joyce; C Winn; C Foster; M. Signorell; 
J. Neagle; L Turner; H. Taylor; L. Tener; L. Holt; D. Osbourne; A. Buckley; M. Trettis 

Sponsored By The Tewksbury Family 



(Front row): J. Clark; D. Keefe;J. Crytzer; J. Amos; H. Harrington; M. 
Abbruzzese; L. Badger. (Back row): M. Brownell; M. McCloskey; S. Lindsley; S. 
Fox; E. Schaeffer;J. McGinnis. (Missing): C. Quilty; C. Smith; L. Wilmore. 

(First row): J. Hollingshead; W. Wesoloski; A. Fox; S. 
Kravcttc; N O'Brien; J. McGinnis. (Second row): M. 
Buckley; K. Cotter;J Shannon, J. Kern, A. Donovan; 
M Facey; T. Sheehy; S. Kctchum; M. Buckley; D. 

(Kneeling): L. Taylor; W. Atwood; S. Dillion; 
K. Currelli. (Middle): H. Taylor; K. Anderson; 
M. Trask; I. McDonald; L. Ditullio; K. Fielding 
M. Trask. (Top): R. DiTullio; J. Flanagan; P. 
Dillon; M. McNabb; J. Delisle. (Not shown): L. 
Herzog; M. Brownell. 

Straits Pond Project 


A. MacDonald; P. Patrolia; 
D. DiGiacomo; P. Chicardi; 
A. Hawes; S. McNulty; N. 
Sullivan; S. Sinopoli; M. 
Barlow. (Missing): M. Sulli- 
van; M. Belfontaine. 




(Back row): L. Townley; L. Branagan; S. Kravette. (Front row): M. Faccy; M. Buckley 
(Missing): J. McCullough. 



J. Barlow makes his move! 


S. Stanford; 
R. Cederholm; 
M Hunrwork; 
J. Cooper; 
J. Williams; 
P Carmody. 



Sponsored By Autohaus, Route 3 A, Cohasset 


(Top to bottom): J. Prescott; D. Syrmopolous; H. Harrington; S. (1st row): M. O'Rourke; S. Pottenger; B. Curelli. (2nd row): L. Frankel; I. LaBrecque; D. O'Neil. 

Watrous; D. Greary; V. Norris;J. Amos. (3rd row): L. Trcttis; B. McGugan; L. Campion. 

(First row): C. Shea; M. Abbruzzee. (Second 
row): M. Laugelle; Mrs. Thompson; K. 
Anderson; L. Badger. (Standing): L. Lau- 
gelle; M. Gonlan; J. Dilbeck; D. 
DeGiatamo, M Trettis; K. White. 



The basket's that way! 

Wrap Up 

This year has been a very discouraging year for 
Cohasset High School sports. Some thought the bas- 
ketball team might "break the ice" and pick-up 
where last year's team left off. This year's team, for 
the most part, was the team that went 16-0 two years 
ago. This was one reason there were such high 

But due to inexperience, an ankle injury to co-cap- 
tain Bob O'Rourke, and an exceptionally strong 
league, not to mention a string of disciplinary prob- 
lems, the basketball team has only been able to mus- 
ter four wins this season. If some 6-6 jumpin' jack 
moves into town over the summer, you can look for 
a very strong team next year. If not, Coach Chatter- 
ton will have his hands full, as the South Shore 
League will be strong next year also. 

f 4 I 


Record (4-13) 


(First row): Tim Salerno; Bill Lyons; Brian Hines, (co-capt); Bob O'Rourke, (co-capt); Phil Alexander; Peter Ander- 
son. (Second row): Coach Chatterton; Richard West; Mark McCarthy; Richard Kurtz; Ed Bates;Jim Longo; Mike 

Always in the game. 

Pete has scored again! 


J.V. Basketball 


UP fo. Holbrook 

In the heat of action 

(1st row): D. Monroe; M Buckley; S. Hurlbut; 
B. McMann; L. Townley; D.James. (2nd row): 
W. Carruthers; S. Ketcham; B. Driscoll; N. Col- 
lins; R. Hammonds; D. Bunch; M. Libby. 

It's Noel: N-O-E-L. 

My glasses are fogging up again. 

Larry calls time out. 



(1st row): G. Harris; B. Drake (Co-captain); J. 
Walls (Co-captain); D. Siylvia. (2nd row): R. 
Rice, B Reynolds, M. Carroll, J. Donnelly. 


Girls Basketball 

Sal Thayer — "# /&*C%# !?&# ! 


Janet Baz — "Sal are you 
offense or defense?" 

Kathy White "Down and Out" 

Record (7-8) 

Even with a losing record/the Girls Basketball 
Team had lots of talents. Two of our players, Sal 
and Baz, made the All-Star Team, which was quite 
an achievement. We had a lot of bad luck with inju- 
ries, but ended the season with a tremendous victory 
over Middleboro, 60-31. 

We are losing three seniors, Kathy, Sal, and Baz, 
which will leave us without any experienced for- 
wards for next year. We are hoping that Mr. Deakin 
will return next year, and wish to thank him for the 
past 2 seasons. 

(First row): Alison Haskell; Beth Marsden; Sal Thayer (co-capt.); Janet Baz (co-capt.); Kathy White; Louisa Holt. 
(Second row): Donna Sargent; Marilyn Granger; Ingrid Gjesteby; Shannon Boscow; Lil Murray; Lil Humphreys; 
Coach Deakin. (Not pictured): Ann Donovan. 



Record (6-9-3) 

(1st row): B. White; J. Conte; T. Cowen; G. Keating (Asst. Capt); G. Hoffman (Capt); P. Carmody (Asst. Capt); B. Flynn; M. Najjar; D. Delaney; S. Keating. (2nd row): Coach 
McDermott; D. Patrolia; G. Spalt; D. Pratt; D. Patrolia; P. Graham; B. Chisholm; M. St. John; J. Bowen; L. Drago; Coach Walsh. 


The Hockey team, consisting of mostly under- 
classmen, has faired well in this year's South 
Shore League. The team is relatively small and 
has to hustle and scrap for every goal it gets. 
What they lack in ability they make up in desire. 

They have struggled successfully through this 
year against some rough competition and have 
attracted a good amount of fan support in the 
process. If this team sticks together and loses no 
one else to "Preppiedom," they'll be a real threat 
in the next few years. 


5:00 A.M. practice . . . only 3 seniors . . . always chang- 
ing lines . . . small team . . . Flynn's fight . . . 
Cowen's nose . . . "Kuk" goes Preppie . . . victory over 
Holbrook . . . Ed's stogie's . . . Moon-light bus rides 
. . . Duna's raves . . . floating down the ice . . "Cap- 
tain Hoff" . . Megan's escort . . . next year — watch 

Coach McDermott, Coach Walsh 

Definitely Harvard material 

Never mind the score, how does my mustache look? 

WW 1 

r4 4 

Jack and Duna cruisin' for a score. 

Freshman star? 

What's the score, eh, eh, eh??? 

The Wild Man of Borneo speaks. 

J.V. Hockey 

L. Blair 
S. Stanford 
S. Laugelle 

G. Rickets 
D. Hobson 
W Marsh 

J. McCul lough 
D. Patrolia 
D. Pratt 
B. O'Connell 
M. Facey 
L. Nichols 

H. Schramn 
Coach Walsh 



Ellen Tewksbury 
Liz Joyce 
Berta Phippen 
Kathy White (Pres.) 
Lillian Murray 
Lisa Laugelle 
June Neagle 
Al Buckley 
Nancy Wilkinson 
Jackie Tye 
Trisha O'Rourke 
Lisa Badger 
Mary Hobbs 
Michelle Abbruzzee 

Christmas Concert 

Jr. Boys' Chorus 

(1st row): R. Hobson; S. Muir; R. Tebbetts; B. Wagner; B. O'Brien (2nd row): D. Yeager; 
D. McPherson; D. Farwell; Ms Bcrman; P Hurtig; P Durante. (3rd row): J. Hoy; I. 
McCormick; P. Madigan. 

Jr. Chorus 

(1st row): K. Daniels; N. Trettis; L. Taylor; M. Foster; H. Schlachter; L. Laugelli; J. 
Shannon; M. Lanage. (2nd row): C. Smith; A. Cotter; A. Kravette; D. Streeter; M. 
Coe; J. Donnelly; M. Fink; M. Laugelli; K. Winn. (3rd row): J. Catler; S. Daniels; A. 
Watson; L. Montuori; K. Brenock; J. Sadler; A. Tye; E. Tewksbury. (4th row): C. 
Allen; R. Pfaffman; M. Fichtner; A. Buckley; C. Tosi; J. Buckley. (5th row): A. 
White; S. Kravette; D. Blakeman; L. Branagan; P. Trask; P. Branagan; J. Shooshan; 
G. Ashjian. (Top): Mr. Rodgers (Director). 


(1st row): D.Jones; A. Davis; Y. West; C. Goodwin; J. Delisle; L. Pitul- 
lio. (2nd row): S. Dillon; M. Dun; H. Chase; J. Ryan; L. McNabb; L 
Whalen; Ms. Berman. (3rd row): S. Muir; J. Tebbetts;J. Hoy; D. Far- 
well; P. Madigan; L. McCormick. (3rd row): D. Yeager; D. McPherson; 
P. Hurtig; P. Durante; B. Wagner. 


(1st row): J. Kern;J. Mitchell; M. Buckley; B. Phippen; L. Fesler; M. Dunn; D. 
Lord. (2nd row): E. Tewksbury; L. Taylor; A. Gilmore; M. Fink; K. Brennock; M. 
Laugelli; L. Laugelli. (3rd row): J. Besse; J. Donnelly; A. Buckley; T. Maeder, P. 
Cowen; J. Hollingshead. (4th row): C. Mitchner, L. Montuori; S. Ketcham; L. 
Wilmoth; Ms. Berman (Director). 

Jr. High Band 

(1st row) : A. Trask; A. O'Rourke; L. Chapman; G. Seavey; L. Smith; J. Vanderlugt; S. Sisson 
I. McCormick. (2nd row): P. Cook; B. McGugan; K. Stanford; T. Specht; J. Carroll; L. Tret- 
tis; D. O'Neil; G. Ripley; M. Collins. (3rd row): P. Chapman; S. Savage; R. Durant; S. Dil- 
lon; A. Bellfontaine; D.Jones; J. Millar; R. Blossom. (4th row): P. Plante; W. Roy; J. 
Keane; T. Tewksbury; P. Madigan; J. Hoy; M. Miller. (5th row): Mr. Rodgers (Director); 
W. Price; R. Farwell; L. Neagle. 


Sponsored By The Chiasson Family 


"Some men see things as they are and say why? I dream 
things that never were and say why not?" 
Activities — Field Hockey 1-4; Tennis 2, 3 (captain), 4; 
Basketball 1 ; IntramuraJs 3; Powder Puff 3, 4; Softball 1 ; 
Band 1 ; Alternative School Program 4. 


"So precious life is! Even to the old the hours are as a 
miser's coin." Likes — Lora, making money, reeb, Fi- 
dolla, raving in Latin, Saturday nights, f rogging. Dislikes 
— green LTD's, Curtis Compact, writing letters, Sunday 
mornings, accidents. Remembers most — Jethro Tull 
"73," summer "72," car rides with Baz, Edgartown, 
Amsterdam, the bead "73," Vinyard Haven. Wants to 
forget most — Mittman's lawn, Utica, N.Y., SAT's in 
April. Favorite hangout — 125 Pearl St. Ambition — to 
control the West Coast. Usually seen with — Lora, Mike, 
Fred, Yaj, Vinnie, Rocky Beach gang, Slac. 
Activities — Baseball; Basketball 1-4; Class Treasurer 2, 
3; Senior Class Play 3, 4; Marshall 2. 


"What we don't learn from history, we don't learn from 
history." Likes — V.W., Maine, math, resignations, mt. 
climbing. Dislikes — groups, long classes, politics, hav- 
ing my picture taken. Remembers most — breaking my 
arm, being bitten on my forehead, Washington. Wants 
to forget most — being bitten on my forehead, breaking 
my arm. Noted for — asking a million questions. Ambi- 
tion — to become a geologist. Pet peeve — people bor- 
rowing things. 20 years from now — on the moon. 


"There's none in heaven, so I might as well enjoy it 
here." Likes — Carrie, frosties, Scott's, Pat's parties, long 
drives, VW's red. Dislikes — maggots, being shot down, 
dope smoking creatures, no gas, no money. Remembers 
most — JV 16-0, Siggy's party, July 2-Nov. 26, free. 
Wants to forget most — Mattapan, the key. Summer 
"73." Noted for — hitting a tree, injuries, 2.8 sec. Ambi- 
tion — "To be as happy 20 years from now as I am now." 
Usually seen with — Brian, Barry, Bunk, MikefCarrie. 
Activities — Football 1-3; Basketball 1-4; Baseball 2 - 
4 ; Track 1 ; Soccer 4 ; Sr. Class Play 3, 4. 

"Patty" "Dot" 

"The handclasp of a friend is like the fresh warm breath 
of springtime." Likes — David, ice cream, sunny days, 
sunsets, Winstons, the beach, the sky, raining when the 
sun's out, gold jewelry, playing hide and seek, the song 
"Stormy Monday," Mrs. Infa. Dislikes — back stabbers, 
being cold, tests, soloists, moles, phony people, being 
alone, saying good-bye, phone calls shortened. Remem- 
bers most — B.B.A. at Sandy Beach, Dec. 8, 71, R-2, 
R.L.I. , Carta's at ten, summers of 72, 73, sleeping over. 
Mary's, San Jose, the Moby Dick, Als-3. Wants to forget 
most — splinters 8/23/72, THAT NIGHT. Noted for 
— breaking up, making up and being picked up. Cause 
of death — pollution. Ambition — to be the tooth Fairy. 
Usually seen with — David, Mary, Sue, Kay and the 


"Live as if there were no tomorrow." Likes — sleeping 
late in the morning, big cars, horses, tennis. Friday after- 
noons at 1 :40. Dislikes — getting up for school, boring 
classes, white socks, slow drivers, snobs. Ambition — to 
be successful in life. Noted for — being late to school. 
Remembers most — Madison Square Garden, Harris- 
burg, Penn. 

"Baz" "Jan" 

"No man is an island." Likes — Scorpios, Rocky Beach, 
being buried, smiling, kip- poos, cockiness, bikes and bik- 
ies, some soph, boys! Dislikes — being single, 0-0 games, 
being told to "hustle" by S B. Remembers most — 5 in a 
Fiat, 3 on a bike, b-ball camp, Trasks parry, "The Rabbit 
Hutch," England's parties. Noted for — being Arme- 
nian, "fi-dolla," hair. Worst horror show — "The Phone 
Booth" with KT. and B.H Ambition — to help Terry 
break the "Heartbreak Kid." Secret desire — to ski down 
Black Mt. standing. Usually seen with — Sally, Iggie, 
Smily and the Rocky Beach clan. 



"Dreams" "I am a hunter — for dreams I'll never see." 
Likes — Mackintosh apples, Vermont, getting caught in 
the rain, Ogunquet beaches, C.N.S., powderpuff, Mrs. 
A., yearbook meetings, Maggie, driving at night, Bruins, 
things that bring back memories. Dislikes — Sunday 
nights, thunderstorms, meeting people, then never seeing 
them again. Remembers most — "Venetian," section 33 
row g, talks with Marianne, calling D.S. for M.C., dinner 
at Aloha, Tara, Mr. Campbell's Chem. class, Beach Boy 
Concert at S.S., weekends at the Cape and Laurel Lane, 
Longmeadow, Mass. Wants to forget most — May 18, 
1973, finding Bonnie, April 21, 1973, Ref. O'Cs bloody 
nose, secrets told and getting caught. Favorite expression 
— "What time is it?" Seen with — Debbie, Laura, 
Kathy, Marianne, Megan, Mary, Nancy, and good 


"Stuff your eyes with wonder," he said, "live as if you'd 
drop dead in ten seconds. See the World. It's more fan- 
tastic than any dream made or paid for in factories." 
Likes — the first warm day after winter, solitude, animals 
of the woods. Noted for — inconsistency. Favorite hang- 
out — "The Rock," Alan's little car. Ambition — to find 
something or one not superficial. Secret desire — to grow 
gills, breathe underwater and beat King Neptune at 
chess. Usually seen with — baclcwards-speaking freaks, 
intellectual semi-jocks, the High Times gang. 



"Some turn to Jesus 
And some turn to heroin 
Some turn to rambling round 
Looking for a clean sky 
And a drinking stream 
Some watch the paint peel off 
Some watch their kids grow up 
Some watch their Stocks and bonds 
Waiting for that big deal 
American dream 

I took my dream down by the sea 
Yankee yachts and lobster pots 
and sunshine ..." 

Joni Mitchell 



Favorite expression — "Typical." Remembers most — 
New Jersey Shore. Wants to forget most — Fall of 1972, 
Amby's numbers. Likes — cello, tennis, skiing, Lylee, 30 
foot sprays, rough mouths. Noted for — slyness. Favor- 
ite hangout — the slopes. Ambition — Break Babe's 714. 
Secret desire — lose my inferiority complex. Dislikes — 
peaceful Heifers. 

Activities — Tennis 1 - 4; Football; Student Council; 
High Times. 



"Ed" "Finest" 

"In our time the destiny of man presents its meaning in 
political terms." Remembers most — fall-winter of '71, 
10/2/73. Likes — SAABs, working, computers, cruisin'. 
Noted for — fine taste and wealth. Pet peeve — school 
committee decisions. Cause of death — Unknown. Secret 
desire — to stay single. Worst horror show — Physics 



"What do we live for if it is not to make life less diffi- 
cult for each other?" Favorite expression — "It was 
wild!" Remembers most — 'The Virgin Islands' Neil 
Young concert, psycho in Maine, skiing down the Alps, 
at least one major fight with every teacher I had, never 
getting caught. Wants to forget most — high school 
before the alternative school, the Cohasset Golf Club, 
fishcake. Likes — Geneva, the Criminals, twins, lumbo, 
Brian Cogill, privacy, BMW's, blue eyes, European men, 
British accents, C. S. N. and Y., Misstra Know-It-AU 
thinking, Beechwood. Noted for — criticism, blue eyes. 
Ambition — to like college and to move to Tahiti. Cause 
of death — laughing. Dislikes — small eyes, cheapness, 
dogs that attack, people getting married, jealous girls, 
Carmelita Pope. 


"Never judge a man until you walk a mile in his mocas- 
sins." Remembers most — Frank, J. V. 16-0, '73 summer, 
Duxbury '73, camping, good school raves, Fleo's party. 
Wants to forget most — Cliff Hotel, C.C, a Christmas 
party, attitudes in Cohasset, football losses, B-Ball. Likes 

— DA J., T.D.'s, smilin', sleeping, being cocky. Dislikes 

— CHS athletes with no confidence, certain snobs, pain, 
B-Ball, losing, working. Usually seen with — Dudley, 
Fat, the Goon, Deb. Noted for — modesty, being gulli- 
ble, ranks. Ambition — to get through life as easily as 
possible. Secret desire — to be All-American. 
Activities: Football 1, 2, 3,4 (co-capt.) ; Basketball 2, 3; 
Baseball 1,2, 3,4 (co-capt.). 



"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people 
only exist, that is all." Likes — Rocky Beach at 5:00 
A.M., being outdoors, skin diving, the forest, camping 
out, art, thunderstorms, ytraps .... water reflections, 
shanng, music, walking, mist, realizing the beauty of 
something so much it's almost unbearable. Dislikes — 
curfews, being confused, work, not being able to go, not 
being able to explain, worrying, cold. Remembers most 
— England's parties, last summer, Bill Lord's, getting 
whammed, BCTA, good talks, Martha's Vineyard, coffee 
table, weekends. Noted for — baggy clothes, giving in to 
people Favorite hangout — up Cooney's, Wheelwright 
Park. Ambition — to know a little about everything, get 
myself a piece of land and live off it. 


There must have been moments even that afternoon 
when Daisy rumbled short of his dreams — not through 
her own fault, but because of the colossal vitality of his 
illusion. It had gone beyond her, beyond everything. He 
had thrown himself into it with a creative passion, add- 
ing to it all the time, decking it out with every bright 
feather that drifted his way. No amount of fire or fresh- 
ness can challenge what a man will store up in his 
ghostly heart. 

F. Scott Fitzgerald 
The Great Gatsby 

"Janny, Jan" 

"Personality conquers all physical faults." Likes — peo- 
ple, animals, TV, music. Dislikes — fake people, wait- 
ing Remembers most — 7th grade fiasco. Wants to for- 
get most — remedial class. Favorite hangout — Wool- 
worths. Favorite expression — "Oh Boy!" Ambition — to 
be on the production staff of TV'. Usually seen with — 
Karen, Kay, Lee, Barry, Mike, Sue. 



"This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: 
She shall be called woman, because she was taken out of 
a man." Remembers most — Worlds End with S.A.D., 
P.F.M. and his pssssst BOO. Wants to forget most — 
Red Volkswagens 3/6/73, going dry, THE GROPE. 
Usually seen with — Stanff, R.A.G., E.J., "Hot," Miss 
Bill Chisolm, Woof Woof, and girls. Likes — hockey, 
CHERYL ANNE MARKS, f lining, Golf, Saturday 
morning with Lag and RICK. Favorite hangout — 
Sands I, Sands II, Eduemon lounge with Mr. Nick. 
Ambition — to be a definite success. Secret Desire — to 
take C.A.M. to the prom. Dislikes — having to work on 
weekends when it's my night off! Golfing with Stanff 
and having him chisel his way out of a sawbuck. 
Activities — Hockey 1-4; Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1; 
Rousers 1; Soccer 1; Marshalls 1-4; Golf 1. 

"Tony" "Teddy Bear" 

"It is better to live one day like a lion, than one hundred 
years like lamb." Favorite expression — "Hi ya doin!" 
Remembers most — 2/14/72, going over the high side 
with Tim and J.S. Wants to forget most — Tim's with 
F.-A.M.C. Usually seen with — E.J.W., RA G., Woofie, 
Cubby, Birff, Chiz. Likes — F.-A.M.C. and cakes. Noted 
f or — All five of my boxes. I deny — Doin' that to Jan- 
ice T. Worst horror show — B.J.K. from S. 
Activities — Band 1 ; Captain Marshalls. 


"One reason why the dog is such a loveable creature is 
that his tail wags instead of his tongue." Favorite expres- 
sion — "Gad zooks." Likes — Romancers, drama, 
intrigue, sharing, fires, wicked smiles, Life. Noted for — 
sincerity, dramatic inclinations, volatility. Ambition — 
To see my name in lights. Pet Peeve — itchy sweaters. 
Twenty years from now — I'll remember that I was once 
twenty years younger, wishing I was twenty years older. 
Secret desires — to encounter a real witch, to see if there 
are truly any "Prince Charmings." Dislikes — Popularity 
games, Braggadocios, limp handshakes, being awakened 


"Fannie.Jo, Fran" 

"The man who says he is in the light and hates his 
brother is in the darkness still." Remembers most — 
PVC 71 and 73, football camps, powderpuff jr. year, pan- 
caking in the rain, 6/8/73, my trip to Rome, Nancy's 
wedding 2/2/73. Wants to forget most — 2/2/73, my 
4th day off, Romeo and Juliet, BD Powers, Fritz and 
Fritzola, 4/29/72. Usually seen with — Betsy, Carol, 
Carolyn, Kathy, Paula, Bobby, Lisa, Liz, Dawn, Linda, 
Suette and anybody else who wants to talk. Likes — 
PVC, reeb, animals, the beach, snow and rain, helping 
people, talking, red. Red Sox and the Celtics, blueberry 
picking, and Van Morrison with Blue Money, plus sports 
(esp. swimming). Ambition — to work with handicap- 
ped children or become a social worker. Noted for — 
laughing and being crazy. Dislikes — F.S., Holli Rafkin, 
eggs, being depressed, "the downstairs," good-byes, rav- 
ers, Steven's joke box, peanut butter. 



"When law and duty are one, united by religion, you 
never become fully conscious, fully aware of yourself. 
You are always a little less than an individual." Favorite 
expression — "You want to step outside?" Wants to for- 
get most — the "wipeout." Usually seen with — Stanf a. 
Woof ie, Birf f , and Tony. Likes — Hockey, Soccer, 
Motorcycles. Noted for — Riding the Honda Trail 70. 
Pet peeve — manners. Cause of death — Motorcycle acci- 
dent. Secret desire — To see the U.S. and Canada by bike. 
Activities — Soccer 4; Hockey 4. 


"The beginning of love is to let those we love be per- 
fectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own 
image. Otherwise we love only the ref lection of our- 
selves we find in them." Loves — Todd. Likes — Long 
distance phone calls. Dislikes — saying good-byes, and 
unpaid bills. 


"Bradie" "Brat" 

"Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that 
brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit 
it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone 
past me I will turn to see fear's path. Where the fears 
have gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain." 
Favorite expression — "You make me nervous." Remem- 
bers most — Bear Mountain. Wants to forget most — 
"How do you make a chocolate cake?" Usually seen with 

— Sam, Baby, Victor, Bicyclette, Spudnik, Sly, Bambie. 
Likes — everything under the sun. Ambition — to sail a 
five nickle cigar. Cause of death — figured out all the 
answers. Twenty years from now — I will need a wheel- 
chair. Secret desire — chase the sun. Worst horror show 

— The nights in Jamaica — steel drums, and a whaling 
expedition in Pa. 


"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful 
about what we pretend to be." Remembers most — Pan- 
ama, Jethro Tull, Southern Circuit, Compact LTD, 232. 
Usually seen with — Phil, Slac, my car. Likes — ytraps, 
full-size Mustangs, Rocky Beach, Lightnings, Fi-dolla, 
sailing, frogging. Noted for — losing elections. Favorite 
hangout — Rocky Beach. Dislikes — Compact LTD's 
tulses, poor eyesight, losing contacts, Widgeons, S. Bow- 

Activities — Spanish Club 1-4; Soccer 3; High Times 4. 


"I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the 
difference." Likes — Rocky Beach sunsets, the ovlov up 
Cooney's, thunderstorms. Dislikes — the cold. Algebra 2, 
racists, sexists, and other obnoxious people. Remembers 
most — getting caught up on the hill, 5 in the Flat, 
washing England's floors, the goodbye parry Wants to 
forget most — The Golden Rooster, eighth grade, S.A. 
Worst horror show — floating in from the barn. Ambi- 
tion — to win an argument with Terry. Usually seen 
with — Terry, Jay, Suette, Baz, Sally, Greg, Alan, Big 
Bill Noted for — liking Monkey Man and other ugly 



"For seasons tome and seasons go. Bring forth the rain, 
the snow and the sun . . . " Favorite expression — "Oh 
really." Remembers most — Nite at the Jerusalem road 
house. Ohio, Christmas party, B P. parties Wants to for- 
get most — a certain luncheon, The Pharmacy. Usually 
seen with — Tricia, Kathy. Likes — playing basketball, 
artwork, L&M's music, rainy Fridays, Thursdays off. 
Noted for — always wearing skirts to school. Favorite 
hangout — the nurse's office. 



"You can't always get what you want." Likes — Boston, 
Beatles, Stones, Bowie. Dislikes — Elephant tranquiliz- 
ers, Hennessey's. Remembers most — playing football 
with coach Almeida. Wants to forget most — five long 
months, an unexpected appointment with Dr. Bombay at 
Alexander's parry 1971. Noted for — underachieving and 
getting beaten up. Ambition — to become a professional 
football player. Secret desire — to explore what's at the 
end of the string. Favorite smell — Can't be mentioned. 
Activities — Football 1,3; Tennis 2, 3, 4. 



Favorite expression — "Na, I don't think so!" Remem- 
bers most — Chicago, L. Zepplin, pancaking, Dan- 
mouth, Brian's parties, 10-6, Summer of "73," egging the 
hullied Gullies. Wants to forget most — Algebra II, Oct. 
2, Norwell meet. Usually seen with — Brian, Bo, Jocko, 
Bob, and some of the "Ladies." Likes — B.Pong, sunny 
Pole vaulting, Mercedes, VO bugs, surfing, waterskiing, 
golf, Vikings. Dislikes — rainy days, no work, dented 
fenders. Secret Desire — to become a pro pole vaulter. 
Activities — Track 2 - 4; Ski Club 1 ; Computer Club 3, 4 


Likes — cigars, B. Pong, scats, Italian food, Vassar girls 
(L.W.). Usually seen with — Bob, Frank, Stew, Phil, 
Fred, Tish, Cheryl, Jackie, Lora, Nancy. Favorite expres- 
sion — "Don't tell me about your ..." Wants to forget 
most — The "Goose" affair. Remembers most — Stew 
and the paint store, egging the Hully Gullies. 



Likes — Chamelions, my number one girl, the vicious 
Colombian bird, tappers. Usually seen with — Johnny, 
Gober, Ramblin', others. Ambition — to be just like 
Chipper Reardon. Remembers most — a pound of brown 


Favorite expression — "Suffer victim," "Good evening 
people," "Dream what you dare to dream, go where you 
want to go, be what you want to be . LIVE!" Wants 
to forget most — sixth graders and the out computer, the 
language lab. Remembers most — Calculus. Usually seen 
with — The Italian gang, Kathy, Andy, Janet, Hobbits, 
Trish, and friends. Noted for — Tojo. Ambition — to 
leave the country forever. I deny — writing the letter. 
Secret desire — To learn to spell. 



"Sing softly the warmth of what you have found." Likes 
— QWATS, scruples, having money for the bare necessi- 
ties of life, ytraps, onions. Rocky Beach, fighting with 
Terry, T O. Dislikes — being let down, baked beans, 
good-byes. Remembers most — being unemployed, up 
Cooney's, Big X, last summer. Rocky Beach, 11th grade, 
talks with Alvap Wants to forget most — a certain 
cheeseburger, red ant bites, Chemistry, burping contests, 
wasting time Worst horror show — getting carded for a 
coke at Al's. Ambition — to live on P. Ave. and Kip-Pu 
with a beard 20 years from now — still T O. 


Likes — catching, taking it easy, Chicago, money, #12. 
Dislikes — asking for the car, losing teeth, ball, striking 
out. Forget most — Fox's W.S.P., Dubs, A-C Sparkplugs. 
Remembers most — Roona's house, W.S.P., 16-0, the 
keys, Jake's Shack, Aloha, vacuum, visitor at B P. shack. 
Noted for — throwing 75 J.V. interceptions, Big hook 
after an Ernie D. Usually seen with — AJ, Buck, Fatty 
Roona, Moose, Jeff and the gawks. 
Activities — Football 1 - 4; Baseball 1 - 4; Basketball 1 - 


"When you get to the end of your rope; tie a knot and 
hold on." Likes — yellow Mustangs, J. S. summer. 
Remembers most — Big "X," powder puff, card games 
in theg room, stomach growling in English, Partner. 
Wants to forget most — Summer of '72,' middle name, 
munchkins. Pet peeve — being called Peter pout. Secret 
desire — to be on the good side of Mr. D. Cause of death 
— overdose of girl's room air. Noted for — "H" legs, 
pouting. Usually seen with — Winnie, Fran, Alicia, me. 


"To unpathed waters, undreamed shores." Likes — 
T.N.A., New Hampshire, being alone, deserted beaches, 
sunsets, tennis, Pinkus, Mrs. A., sailing, winter sunrises, 
smiles, snow. Dislikes — insincere people, term papers, 
being frustrated, snobs, secrets, surprises, applications. 
Remembers most — 4/23/72, Mr. Walsh's EH! 
M.W.P.I.A.P.'s, Zonkie, 12/25/73. Wants to forget 
most — French III, a certain CHS hockey game, mistakes 
in the past, spring of 1973 Ambition — to see the world. 


"Look before you leap, still water runs deep, live today as 
if it were your last day to live." Likes — traveling, 
Europe, Canada, California, weekends, Fundy Nat'l Park, 
holidays, sunshine, animals, the Four Seasons, the ocean, 
my family. Dislikes — strawberries, humid weather, 
tests. Favorite hangout — Sciruate. Remembers most — 
family reunions, P.E. I, Narragansett Pier, summers '68, 
'70. Wants to forget most — leaving school. Ambition 
— to be successful, live a long life Usually seen with — 
Lou, Mark, David, Paul. 
Activities — Yearbook 3-4; Class Play 4. 


"Terry" "Iggie" 

"Dream any wish and believe in tomorrow." Likes — 
Jay, the third time. Raggedy Ann, Reeb, Joe Namath, 
stuffed animals, surprises, eating. Black Rock Beach. 
Dislikes — good-byes, fighting with Jay, curfews, being 
told to do. It!. Remembers most — the "great" night in 
the gym, receiving flowers, 5 in a Fiat, Beatson and Big 
X, Mike's rear-end collision. Noted for — crutches, 
being obnoxious, arguing. Favorite expression — "Fill it 
up. Joe!" Ambition — to help Janet break the "Heart- 
breaker." Secret desire — to be right in an argument. 


"Indeed, a friend is never known until a man has need." 
Likes — Cohasset, Papa Gino's, having something to do, 
riding bikes, Brigham. Dislikes — butter, spiders, good- 
byes, beeping horns, McDonalds, Big Macs, being sad. 
Remembers most — Disney World 73, March 23, 1973. 
Wants to forget most — summers of '69,' '70.' Usually 
seen with — Chi, Cheryl, Tish, Jackie. 


"Friendship is the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of 
feeling safe with a person. Having neither to weigh 
thoughts nor measure words, but pouring all right out. 
just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a 
faithful friendly hand will take and sift them, keep what 
is worth keeping and with a breath of comfort, blow the 
rest away." Likes — laughing. Little Harbor, good and 
warm friendships. My home, singing the blues, P.F. 
Noted for — being on time Ambition — to learn. 
Remembers most — Robin, Emily, Paula, Gemini, Fred, 



Likes — Mountain climbing, motorcycles, getting away 
from it all. Dislikes — Curtis, bad weather spoiling a 
vacation Remembers most — The Black Rock house, 
surfing at Black Rock beach. Usually seen with — Yaj, 
Vinnie, AW., and the rest. Favorite hangout — The 
Beach. Secret desire — To live on top of a mountain with 
a Harmonica. 

Activities — Track 1,3; Band 1,2; School Newspaper 3; 
Photo Club 2. 

"Betsy or Figg" 

Favorite expression — "Consistency is the Spice of Life." 
Remembers most — mossing, glades, S.S.D.73, Wellfleet 
and Great Pond, watching fiddler crabs, krunch head's 
pool, charlie, pickle. Wants to forget most — A cheese- 
burger Likes — Pentangle, bait truck, pinching, camping 
out, "P" Ave., my beach, beards, maniacs. Favorite hang- 
out — Bassings beach, Ammo. Dump. R.B. I deny — 
Sharing a certain facecloth. Quote — "Jump baby jump, 
spread your wings and fly away, why no-one has man- 
aged to fly before, to swoop like an eagle, To glide and to 
soar o're the waves, But beware now of falling babe." 


"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot 
change. The courage to change the things I can. The wis- 
dom to know the difference." Likes — Robert M. Paris, 
Spring, anything with pockets, Mr. Collins, having a 
younger sister, getting long distance phone calls, talking. 
Dislikes — looking fourteen, goodbyes, rainy Saturdays, 
vegetables, an empty gas tank, being told to shut up, 
horoscopes Wants to remember most — April 11, 1973, 
Chemistry "73," Mr. Collins' public speaking class. 
Wants to forget most — Algebra II. Noted for — short 
hair, non-stop mouth Ambition — to understand a joke 
the first time it is told. Usually seen with — Bob, Tish, 
Michele, Mark, and the ladies. 


"One day you think the sun and the moon beckon at 
your feet. The next day they're just stars in the sky." 
Likes — remember when's, daydreaming, my family, 
blue eyes, the Vineyard, seagulls. Dislikes — arguing 
with Susan, being held on to, moody people and good 
byes. Remembers most — New Years 1974, B.B.A. at 
sandy beach, Virgin Islands, Vermont hills and C H. 


"When I'm right, I'm right; when I'm wrong, I'm 
right." Usually seen with — people. Likes — different 
things. Noted for — giving people hard times. Favorite 
hangout — in school girls' rooms. I deny — everything. 
Cause of death — I don't intend to die. Secret desire — 
for the letters to come true. 


"Everything in moderation, even moderation in modera- 
tion " Remembers most — Summer of *72, C.C, the 
walkout to save Mr Streeter Wants to forget most — 
losing C.C Likes — people, Alternative School, dancing, 
dow ties, my mom. Noted for — hosting rather large 
parties. Favorite hangout — The Log and Line Inc. and 
he world. Leaving thoughts — I want to thank the 
eachers and the students and the Alternative School for 
;ducating me and putting up with me for a full 6 years. 


Likes — hoc cookies, C.A.M.PJ. Remembers most — 
Jeff Smith. Wants to forget most — the store and the 
pond. Pet peeve — getting up. I deny — BJK'S K of D. 
Worst horror show — BJK at EJ. Usually seen with — 
E.J., A.J.C., R.P.W. 



"We are sailing away on a river to the sea, maybe you 
and me will meet again." Likes — James Taylor, black 
bics, Norman Rockwell, westerns. Remembers most — 
Canada, tuna fish and tomato soup luncheon, Joe and 
Nemo's at Kathy's house, 8 thou, pumpkin cookies, Fie's 
parties. Wants to forget most — French cuisine. Cause of 
death — overeating at Bergson's. Noted for — unusual 
voice. Usually seen with — Kathy, Marth 




"Make new friends but keep the old. Those are silver, 
these are gold. New-made friendships, like new wine, 
Age will mellow and refine." Likes — cooking, the 
ocean, peanut butter, milk, getting mail, working in Ran- 
dolph Dislikes — diets, the dentist, phonics, French, 
good-byes, thunderstorms Remembers most — August 
'73,' week of April 14, February 16, 1973. Wants to for- 
get most — June 30, 19 7 3, September 2, 1973. Usually 
seen with — Cathy, Judy, Cheryl, Tish. 


"Today the tender leaves of hope; tomorrow the blos- 
soms." Likes — Dad, my friends, ice cream, rosy cheeks, 
getting letters, keen, animals, my family, strawberries, 
snow, cops, chinking, weekends, McDonalds, the Beach 
Boys, Daydreaming, swimming. Dislikes — having 
colds, pants without pockets, having no time . . . , run- 
ning out of gas, getting lost. Remembers most — N.Y., 
Summers of '72 and '73, Patti, Camp Wampatuck, '65 
Buick, Salvadors, R-2, N-4, '65 Baracuda, Beechwood, 
J.O., 11th grade, R.L.I., Hugos and Woolies. Favorite 
expressions — "Great," Don't give me any grief!" 
"Really." Noted for — Voice, smiling, whistle. Ambi- 
tion — to find it, Quick. Usually seen with — Carla, 
Partner, Jules, Megan, Scott's friends. 


"Dar" "Bucket" 

"Our day will come." Likes — Rick, gymnastics, clothes, 
lifting weights, Corvettes, Oldsmobiles, The Winchester 
Man, summer, diving, Chinese restaurants, mustaches. 
Dislikes — girls wearing blue jeans to school, long hair 
on guys, when guys talk about sports. Women's Lib. 
Remembers most — Summer of "72," Maine, 4th grade. 
Old Oaken Bucket, 8/27/73, Kappy's, when Mike went 
to church!, Carla and Larry. Wants to forget most — 
working at Yankee Lady, M.F., July 4, 1972. Miss Beat- 
son's homeroom. Twenty years from now — golf-widow 
driving a red Corvette with headers. Seen with — Rick, 
Mike, Blanche. 

"Mary'" "Hobbits" 

"To know is nothing at all, to imagine is Everything." 
Likes — traveling, camping, sports, Cape Cod, bright 
eyes. Dislikes — Christmas without snow, days with 
nothing to do Remembers most — summers on Cape 
Cod with friends, Florida. Pet peeve — people who never 
finish sentences. Usually seen with — Trisha, Lisa, Lee. 
Activities — Tennis 1-4; Band 1-3; Basketball 2; 
Debating 1,2; Rousers 1-4; Yearbook 4. 

"Hinesy" "Zak" 

"In the depth of your hopes and desires lies your silent 
knowledge of the beyond." Likes — sincerity, funny fun- 
lovers, class, high top sneakers, Beau, my family. Dis- 
likes — being called Barry, pseudo-freaks, procrastina- 
tion, apathetic people. Usually seen with — hands in 

Activities — Football 1; Soccer (co-captain) 4; Basketball 
1, 2, 4; Baseball 1 ; Student Council 1-4; Class V.P. 4; 
Student Advisory Board 4; Yearbook 4. 



"Yesterday is experience, tomorrow is hope; today is get- 
ting from one to the other as best we can." Likes — my 
family, Bo- Bo, Cybil Sheppard, roast beef, sleeping, 
music, water-skiing. Dislikes — Sunday nights, mannies, 
my procrastination and indecisiveness, seeing people 
frustrated and discontent. Remembers most — accident 
in Maine, Soccer '72. Wants to forget most — Soccer 73. 
Ambition — to find someone with hammer toes. 
Activities — Soccer 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3; Golf 2, 3, 4; 
National Honor Society; Boys' State; Student Council; 
Yearbook; Class President 4. 



Favorite expression — "What a gawk." Noted for — 
superior intellect. Wants to forget most — being picked 
most bashful by the senior class Ambition — to become 
Attorney General of the U.S. Dislikes — the way Mr. 
Sheehan grades tests. Chemistry, school lunches, math, 
Dick Nixon. Usually seen with — Dave White, Fran 

r /4 

"Emmett" "EJ" 

"Without pain there is no gain." Likes — sailing, Maine, 
storms, cancelled practice Remembers most — sailing to 
Ocean City, Md., Bartlett's Island O B , Tessahoc 74 
deadlines. Ambition — to be the best at any thing! 
Noted for — baggy khaki pants and a red fro. 
Activities — Football 1-4; Student Council; School 
Committee Advisory Board; Yearbook Staff, Co-editor. 



"To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven; 
the same key opens the gates of hell " Likes — hockey 
and football, the rave, good beverages, perceptible peo- 
ple, the ocean, empty lighthouses, wet winter storms, 
summer, silence. Dislikes — Inc., unsatisfied fans, when 
Jack gives in. Noted for — "Little Man Complex," cocki- 
ness Remembers most — a certain night in winter '72.' 
Wants to forget most — unexplainable actions in June 
'73.' Ambition — to slow down and find one. Usually 
seen with — Liv, Jack, Mc, the Mob. 



"With each rising sun, think of your life as just begin- 
ning, show kindness and love today, or tomorrow's 
chance may be lost." Remembers most — Brandy, Iggy, 
summer of 7 2 and 73, Martha's Vineyard, Canada, an 
unexpected visit to Montillio's. Wants to forget most — 
leaking gas tank, certain classes, English papers. Likes — 
donuts, puppies, blue skies, sunny days. Bruins Porsches, 
Bread, chocolate ice cream. Dislikes — peanut butter and 
jelly sandwiches. Favorite expression — "What a Gawk " 





Favorite expression — "You're a riot." Usually seen with 
— Frank, Stew, Bill. Likes — Oceans, Sunny Days, 
sports, long weekends, winning. Noted for — Being 
quiet. Ambition — To live on the ocean. Secret desire — 
To own a 38' sailboat. 

Activities — Basketball 1-3; Football 1 ; Ski Club 1 - 4; 
Tennis 4. 


"Often I wonder why we go on running. There are so 
few things beautiful left in life to see. that is until 
tomorrow when the yellow sun sets over peaceful waters, 
and you smile to let me know everything's all right " 
Likes — harbor at night, ocean, sunshine, Hines family, 
smiles, my friends really, the big 'D,' feeling great, free. 
Dislikes — being frustrated, not understanding, sad, loo- 
nies. Noted for — Laughing Remembers most — B.B A 
at Sandy beach, outslying Clark, lunch breaks, good 
times. Wants to forget most — That Night!!! Usually 
seen with — Kay, Karen, Art, Mary Jane, Megan. Deb- 
bie, Marianne, Disy, Carla, people. 


"K. Kill, Babe, M.J.WWIII" 

"Out of the city And down to the seaside To sun on my 
shoulders And wind in my hair But sand castles crumble 
And hunger is human And humans are hungry For 
worlds they can't share My dreams with the seagulls fly 
Out of reach out of cry." Usually seen with — Chicken, 
Brat, Snoyd, Eileen, K Fox and Victor. Wants to forget 
most — My closet at Sunlight House Remembers most 
— cross-country skiing and living in Greece. Favorite 
hangout — Fox's. Likes — Krunchead, Lambsauce and 
B L Ambition — To live on a Ketch. 



"Some men see things as they are and say why, I dream 
of things that never were and say why not." 


"Preserve your memories . . They're all that's left 
you." Remembers most — Girls' State "73, SEMSBA, 
Mrs K Usually seen with — Tnsha, Lee, Maria, Kay, 
Andy Likes — good music, sailboats, weirdos, Simon and 
Garf unkel, solitude, books, the library, sleeping late, 
rain. Favorite hangout — PPML, Duck II. Ambition — 
to spend the rest of my life at Woods Hole. Secret desire 
— to play a harpsichord, just once. Dislikes — thunder- 
storms, dissecting pigs, bad concerts, "Bullit," leaky 
boats, thematic assertions. 

Activities — AFS 1 ; Rowsers 1 ; Debate 1,2; Chorus 1, 2, 
3, Senior Ensemble 2, 3, 4; SEMSBA 2, 3, 4; Girls' State 
3; Recorder Concert 3; Renaissance 3, NHS 3, 4; Senior 
Class Play 3, 4; Strait's Pond 3, 4. 




"Magic theatre for madmen only price of admission, your 


"Happiness: We deem those happy who, from the expe- 
rience of life, have learned to bear its ills, without being 
overcome by them." Remembers most — Summer of 
"71" at Arcadia with D.D. and C.S. Wants to forget most 
— 11/14/72 pancaking, 5/19/73 Beechwood St. Usually 
seen with — Bessy and whoever else is around. Likes — 
Happy people, Food, late nights, good times, quiet 
places, taking walks with R.F.L. Ambition — to go 
across the country, make a career out of nursing. Secret 
desire — To own a purple Challenger. Dislikes — moody 
people, (c.s.), dull weekends, losing football games, the 
idea of graduating, not being able to go out in the sun. 
Activities — Powderpuff 3, 4; Rousers 1, 4; Marshall 1, 
2; Nurses Club 4. 


"My morning star coloured by the gelatin effect of the 
hazed hue precipitator, known to many Pophx and to 
others as Midth. But to most as Ropltz. This was an 
unspeakable truth." K.A. 



"Truth binds one to the reality of oneself " Likes — the 
Ambrosiani, parties, concerts, flowers. Dislikes — being 
rushed, ethnic jokes, snobs. Remembers most — the "let- 
ters," Little Tony concert, Spanish, long walks with the 
Italian gang Wants to forget most — Jr. High gym, 
computer failure with the 6th graders. Noted for — pick- 
ing flowers, being Italian. Ambition — to be a hairdres- 
ser with Julie and Lucia. 20 years from now — In jail for 
making someone bald. Secret desire — to go back to my 
home town in Italy. 

"Moose" "Billy" 

"It is better to appear stupid and keep your mouth shut, 
than to open it and remove all doubt." Likes — R.L.T., 
playing my guitar, Beechwood, raving, hamburgers, prac- 
tice, skipping classes, new girls, Neil Young. Dislikes — 
sneaking, D.R.M., two faced people, golfing with Joe D., 
playing "the role." Remembers most — summer of '71,' 
6/16/72 at Sandy Beach, 10/28/72, Mattappan feud, 
chinking with David and Colin. Noted for — beating up 
seniors in 8th grade, Tranquility. Secret desire — to be an 
international, sophisticated, jet-set playboy. Favorite 
expression — "I got a car full of kids playing games." 
Activities — Football 1,4; Basketball 1-4; Track 1 ; Stu- 
dent Council 2; Indoor Sports Champion. 


"You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first.' 
Likes — summer nights, friends who care, sentimental 
things, rings and roses, my family, Italian food, having 
fun, the Greene's, rides in trucks, j.c, "ok-aay." Dislikes 

— getting up, being hassled, troubled emotions, people 
who attack my cat. Noted for — green eyes, brilliance in 
math, spending long hours in school. Remembers most 

— Sept. 14, 1971, j.g.'s smile, walk in the rain with Kay, 
THAT NIGHT, roses and fudge, a cracked tooth. Usu- 
ally seen with — Sue M., Kay, Sue K., Mary, Deb, Mer- 
rie, Jack. 




"A man can become blind if he continues to walk in the 
shadow of his soul's own enlightenment." Remembers 
most — B.BA. at Sandy Beach, trips to San Jose, Mr. 
Campbell, Antigua, Brian's room, Nantucket and M.V., 
walking up to red roses, Becky, band-aid box, Nasson, 1 
year and two months. Usually seen with — Maryjane, 
Sue K., Megan, Sue M., Debbie, Carla, and Patty. Likes 
— sunsets, the beach, going to San Jose, skiing, Tom, 
summer, being youngest, Neil Young, photography, 
Christmas vacations, B.B., full moons, poetry, tennis, lis- 
tening to the rain in bed, Allman Brothers, pineapple. 
Dislikes — Sunday mornings, being in early, good-byes, 
having my picture taken, leaving my friends, growing 
old, humid days. Wants to forget most — Ed, July 16, 
1972, certain Sunday afternoon, THAT NIGHT, morn- 
ing of July 4, not looking behind me, red on green. 



Favorite expression — "What are you doing?" Remem- 
bers most — moving here, over the gate. Wants to forget 
most — The fight up beachwood park. Usually seen with 

— Colin, Billy, Lauren, Laurie, Carla, Janet, Kathy, Bob- 
bie, Liz and anybody else that's around. Likes — being 
alone, long walks, parties, good times. Favorite hangout 

— Ball park. Noted for — getting in trouble. Dislikes — 
A certain person, Sundays, Fake people. 

"Sue" "Art" 

Likes — Skiing, water-skiing, weekends, G.L., parties, 
photography, surprise packages from San Jose, cauli- 
flower. Big Mac's, hot summer nights, roses. Dislikes — 
running out of gas, having no money, Miracle Whip, 
fish, fighting with Kati, CHS, Worrick Mansion, people 
who jump to conclusions . . Remembers most — 
B.B A at Sandy Beach, R2, R7, parties during school, 
Debbie's appointment, the Virgin Islands, 10/7/72, leav- 
ing Al's, 8 thou, accident pronies, Carla's black Valiant, 
Boru-Power Island, leaving every day for Subs, the Mid- 
night ride, exits Wants to forget most — that night, 
washing windows, Ed, splinter. Noted for — small feet, 
losing my tooth. Favorite hangout — The Inn. 


john joseph McDonald 


Usually seen with — Liv, Hoff, Joe, Mic, Buck, Emmett. 
Noted for — having a car, laugh, spike, looking for 
something. Likes — good parties. Good N' Plenty. Dis- 
likes — bucket seats, dead nites. Remembers most — 
Boston garden, that nite Liv rented a car, missing dou- 
bles. Ambition — to see my sister graduate. Worst hor- 
ror show — There were so many I can't remember! 
Activities — Football 1-4; Track I, 2; Baseball 3, 4. 




Likes — J.T., sailing, skiing. Dislikes — Monday morn- 
ings. Remembers most — Summer of "73," Edgartown. 
Wants to forget most — B&N. Usually seen with — 
Mike, Phil, Karl, John, Frank. Ambition — Admiral in 
charge of the Coast Guard. 

Activities — Football 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; Track 1, 2; 
Sailing 3. 

"Jack," "Blackjack," "Wang" 

"Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp. Or 
what's a heaven for!" Likes — red, organization and effi- 
ciency, constructive argument, goldenrod (yellow) paper, 
rocking the boat, Alternative school. Dislikes — 4-2 
votes, vindictiveness, being alone in a crowded room, 
being aloof, losing my temper. Noted for — hectic 
schedule, conflicting meetings. Remembers most — the 
student walkout, being kicked off the school committee, 
the High Times. Pet peeve — people who think they are 
RIGHT, and that's that. Ambition — to in some small 
(or large) way change the world for the better. Secret 
desire — to be on the Cohasset School Committee. 
Wishes — Cohasset would soon have the entire school 
system teach education for NOW. 


"It is a great ability to be able to conceal one's ability." 
Likes — football, Martha's Vineyard, the Manisee, long 
weekends. Dislikes — double sessions, getting up early, 
losing football games, staying in one place too long. 
Remembers most — July '73,' Liv's rented car. Wants to 
forget most — Thanksgiving '72.' Noted for — being 
late to school, driving ability. Ambition — to go to Cali- 
fornia. Favorite expression — "Let's get outa here!" Usu- 
ally seen with — Hoff.Jack, Liv, Joe. 
Activities — Football 1 - 4; Hockey 2, 3. 


"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the 
problem." Likes — Frankenstein, other Scorpios, history, 
Star Trek. Dislikes — not knowing what to do, not hav- 
ing enough time to do things. Wants to remember most 
— Mr. Malick's Objectives (that's retakes). Ambition — 
to be a lawyer. Secret desire — to own a basketball team. 
Noted for — small writing, soft voice. Favorite expres- 
sion — "That dynamite." Usually seen with — Deborah, 



"Dream what you dare to dream, go where you want to 
go, be what you want to be . . . LIVE." Favorite expres- 
sion — "y'all." Remembers most — "Chicago," Canadian 
River, Cabot ranch. Usually seen with — Liz and "The 
Ladies." Likes — sunset, beaches, mountains, spitfires, 
snowball fights, riding for horses. Ambition — travel, 
work at something I enjoy. Pet peeve — cliques. Dislikes 
— fake people, closed minds, moving, term papers, fill- 
ing this out. 



"It is not what is around us, but what is in us, not what 
we have, but what we are that makes us truly happy." 
Favorite expression — "I don't care." Remembers most 
— M.V '72, Mr Mac, trip to Maine, being #1, 
Chinkin', the bakery, Chicago concert, B.G. Wants to 
forget most — M.V. '73, 4/29/72, the empty box, Sports 
Lit , being towed, 10th grade, missing Bread, Softball. 
Likes — beginnings, sunsets, deserted beaches, long 
walks, letters, Mr. Nark, being with friends, sharing, f.h., 
bike rides, the harbor at night. Favorite hangout — Vine- 
yard Haven. I deny — giving the operator a hard time. 
Dislikes — waiting, being bored, disappointments, Short- 
hand II, knowing that all good things must come to an 


"I'd like to get away from earth awhile and then come 
back to it and begin over." Favorite expression — 
"Really: Right?" Remembers most — summer of '73, 
talented Florida friends, Brockton '72, Hawaii, Canada, 
the T V. commercial. Wants to forget most — one 
school lunch, C.H.S. dances. Likes — Uechi-ryu, B.S., 
surf at Waikiki, French fried clams, hot fudge sundaes, 
Mr. Mac's class, Mr. Dorr. Favorite hangout — Wey- 
mouth. Ambition — to get my black belt, visit Uechi in 
Japan. Twenty years from now — President of John 
Hancock, and own house in Hawaii. Worst horror show 
— the whole "Streeter" incident. Dislikes — Cliques, 
Mexican food, phonies, reckless drivers. 
Activities — Band 1 ; Dance Committee 1, 2. 



Remembers most — A. P.P. Usually seen with — anyone. 
Noted for — guess. Favorite hangout — The Inn. 
Twenty years from now — sitting in The Inn. Secret 
desire — To live in Jamaica. Worst horror show — a cer- 
tain gym class. 

"Mares" "Marianne" "O.L." 

"I exist as I am, that is enough, if no other in the world 
be aware I sit content, and if each and all be aware I sit 
content." Remembers most — Enfield Glen '73, good 
times at the beach, January in Manchester, Elmira, 6/28/ 
73, 8/ 26/72, "the Venetian," chinking, "Qu'est-ce que 
e'est si drole?," the black Valiant screeches, Criminal, 
dry-cleaning, harmonicas. Wants to forget most — eras 
that are over, arguments, Criminal, that night, tense 
moments. Usually seen with — Pam, Carla, Susan K., 
Deb, Megan. Likes — beginnings, Beeman's, Stephen 
Stills, family, solitude, empathy, windy October days, 
August sunsets, New Hampshire, New York, soccer, 
stormy nights, trust, Bogart, the beach, long, hot show- 
ers, "oaks," red-letter days. Noted for — being late, Bee- 
man's, K.T.W. Ambition — to own a getaway Porsche, 
to visit Ireland. Pet peeve — strictly private jokes left 
unexplained. Dislikes — leaving unfinished things, soap 
operas, curfews, hypocrisy, math exams, vacuum clean- 
ers, too little of a good thing. 


Remembers most — Chemistry, Mr Ring's English 
classes, spaghetti dinners, whipped cream face. Wants to 
forget most — Spanish. Usually seen with — Jocko, Sru, 
Phil, Fred, Brian. "The Ladies." Likes — the pack. Bas- 
ketball, storms, chess, Corvettes, B.Pong. Ambition — to 
be proud of what I do. Dislikes — lifts, moving, running 
out of gas, back seats of blue V.W.'s. 



"It's not who you love or how you love, but that you 
love." Likes — summer, the beach, lobster, Florida, being 
an aunt, the Beach Boys, Chicago. Dislikes — oral 
reports, being skinny, gym, math. Remembers most — 
David, my going away party, Miami, bombing around, 
driver's ed, grape juice and gingerale. Wants to forget 
most — May 5, 1973, a dream that never came true. 
Noted for — being too quiet. Secret desire — to be a suc- 
cessful model. Ambition — to travel around the world. 
Usually seen with — Carol, Margaret, Liz, June, Tricia. 



"Those who do not strive to reach their own state of 
"Nirvana" whatever it may be, within their lifetime are 
no better than the animal and material selves within 
them." Likes — skiing, canoeing, camping out, hauling 
slab Remembers most — Sept. 29, B.T., C and A. Favor- 
ite expression — "Come on." Favorite hangout — the 
Greasy Spoon. 20 years from now — . . . still camping 


"Liven life is just a game so they say. ail the games we 
used to play, fade away we may now enjoy the dreams 
we've shared so long ago." Likes — Chicago, Hobie cats, 
sailing, Maine, the ocean. Brass. Mustangs Dislikes — 
people who don't like Chicago, snobs, monohulls. wind- 
less days Remembers most — Chicago concerts. "Odys- 
sey." Bassing beach '"3. sailing my Hobie Cat at 20 
M P H . that week in Maine, Cohasset swim team cham- 
pionship Noted for — being a Chicago freak, my Hobie 
Cat. being "straight." Favorite hangout — CYC, any- 
where on Cohas set's coast. Ambition — to be an archi- 
tect, to live in Maine. Secret desire — to play trumpet for 


"One day a stranger entered my domain and my solitude 
was transformed into love." Likes — Mr Franey, Virgin 
Islands, Larry, summer, Brett, friends, crying at movies, 
green beans, walking on the beach, cops, tans, James, 
songs that fit, going fishing, talking to Gretchen. Dis- 
likes — frogs, cold toes, getting home early, getting 
caught unexpectedly, forbidden friends, math, saying 
good-bye, waiting Remembers most — Beechwood, 
Adv. Biology, Patti, N-4, R-2, '65 Barracuda, LK, Black 
Valiant's screeches, Karen, R.L.I , Bus 4. Cause of death 
— being screeched at. Ambition — to make it till next 
summer Wants to forget most — THAT NIGHT. Usu- 
ally seen with — Laurie, Disy, Maryjane, Susan. Kay, 
Marianne, the Mailman, Joann. 



"Jay" "Yaj" 

"If at first you don't succeed, try again and then again. 
The third time always works." Likes — Terry, skiing, 
wafting, being Terry's lab partner, not getting carded, 
Friday's R L. kitchen crew, soft stomachs, reeb. Dislikes 
— getting caught, empty houses, Tango, fights with 
Terry, Monday AM, lint, 12 P.M., curfews, It Remem- 
bers most — Terry and # 3, cruising in Alan's car, con- 
quering the steering wheel, long journey in little car with 
Terry and Alan, Red Lion, a special shower, bear with 
sunglasses, 4/ 14/73. Forget most — a certain cop on a 
bike, empty houses, Tango and Red cap, # 1, #2 (the 
bad pans). Hangout — Reed's Beach, England's Rumpus 
room. Secret desire — to break the record and do it 8 
times. Ambition — to throw a frisbee better than the 
freaks on the common. 



"Better to sink beneath the shock than to moulder piece- 
meal on the rock." Likes — tennis, milk, my Raleigh, 
S.J., skiing, money, black sneakers, sunsets. Dislikes — 
ice cream, too much of a good thing, restrictions, Hugo's, 
my laziness. Remembers msot — FYMG, 10/7/72, Ed 
Sullivan, W.S.P., Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Ireland, 
B.B.A., Becky. Wants to forget most — green rugs, 
THAT NIGHT. Ambition — to own a Porsche. Cause 
of death — Falcon blues. Secret desire — to destroy ever- 
ything. Usually seen with — the girls. 


Likes — to laugh, a good sense of humor, music, an 
extensive vocabulary, good clothes. Dislikes — procrasti- 
nation, writing papers, needless anger and arguing. 
Noted for — house, writing papers on the day they're 
due, laugh, singing in class. Remembers most — our 
class, English classes, staying up all night, F.H. parry, 
Laurie Fesler. Cause of death — split ends. 20 years from 
now — . . . still 4'll". Usually seen with — Ellen, Field 
hockey team. 


"All experience is a new arch upon which to build." 
Likes — football, baseball, good parties, raving, cards. 
Dislikes — dues, practices, dull classes. Remembers most 
— my mother and father, football, baseball, Marshfield, 
the Big Pink, aunts and uncles. Dubs, Coach Mac, Por- 
tages, Coach Collins. Wants to forget most — Wampa- 
tuck, the trailer, Dubs. Noted for — innocence, the Cape, 
Marshfield, friendliness. Secret desire — to re-establish 
the "Big Pink." Usually seen with — Portagee, Buck, 
Jack, Joe, The Kid, Minnasota. 


"Life is too important to be taken seriously." — Ed Mal- 
ick. Likes — the Stones, Deep Purple, Mott the Hoople, 

A. J., Pammy, blondes and redheads, raving, dances, par- 
ties, long weekends, real people, Cohasset, tennis, new 
kids, nostalgia, Pebbles. Dislikes — Mondays, snobs, 
WWB, girls not knowing about music, dull weekends, 
bubble gum music, school lunches. Remembers most — 
Carrie, ocean lunch, the 1st time, nights out, deep raves, 
horror, certain parties, 2/ 10/74, the good times, Cotter's 
party, 5 hours with Cathy, Tull, friends. Forget most — 
the morning after, the spins, having the munchies, 
trench mouth, the good times, my enemies, Algebra II. 
Noted for — raving, the telephone, hats, matchmaking, 

B. S. ability. Ambition — to be Jay Gatsby, to own the R. 
L. Inn and Salvador's, to see McNabb become Pres. and 
then get impeached. 


"What we are . . . is God's gift to us; What we become 
is our gift to God." Likes — # 34, New Jersey, the 
KNICKS, letters from friends, saving things, smiling 
faces, having lots of brothers and sisters, basketball, good 
friends, blue jeans and summer. Dislikes — good-byes, 
disappointments, oral reports, "the frizzies," a car with- 
out gas, Mondays. Remembers most — Chemistry, Jr. 
year, "grape juice and gingerale," "spying," a 3-pt. turn, 
Nutley, the Rock '72,' 4/27/73, 10/26/73. Wants to for- 
get — sophomore year, moving, August 73.' Ambition 
— to convince Bob and Mark that the Knicks are better 
than the Celts. Seen with — Cheryl, "The Ladies," Bob, 
Mark and the gang. 

Activities — Softball 1 ; Basketball 2; Spanish Club 2; 
Powderpuff 3, 4; Yearbook 4; O.E.A. 4. 



"Time is too slow for those who wait, too long for those 
who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but, for 
those who love time is not." Remembers most — 3/29/ 
73, Mt. Sunapee, Saturday nights, C.G Wants to forget 
most — S.J.H., a certain Tuesday, J. S. Usually seen with 
— whoever is around. Likes — skiing, boats, the ocean, 
to feel needed, sleeping. Dislikes — moody people, being 
alone, conceit, having all good things come to an end. 



"There's no need for turning back cause all roads lead to 
where I stand, and I believe I'll walk them all no matter 
what I may have planned." Remembers most — the fire- 
box, 10/25/72, 10/27/72, Butterflies Are Free; 12/15/ 
73, 3/28/73, Halloween 1972, My 17th birthday, 
Martha's Vineyard. Wants to forget most — losing Bar- 
ry's H.S. ring. Usually seen with — Barry, Bob, Carol, 
Donna, Linda, Teri. Likes — Barry Tufts, Scooter Turf, 
Scamp, dungaree jacket, coke shack, Peter, Francis, Pat- 
terson's Pond, Hang Ten pin, hockey games, fireplaces, 
John Denver, Rocky Mts., flannel shirts, Chinkin' Puff 
Puff, my Raggedy Anne doll and Mr. Walsh. Favorite 
hangout — The Monastery. Twenty years from now — 
I'll be sitting in front of my fireplace in my log cabin in 
Colorado. Secret desire — to see the Rocky Mts., and 
own a log cabin in Colorado. 


"It is not how far one goes in school that counts, it's just 
how far one can go in life." Favorite expression — "Hey! 
Mar" . . . Remembers most — Mr. Federico. Wants to 
forget most — school lunches. Usually seen with — 
Andrea, Carol, Darlene and sister Debbie. Likes — living 
parties, dogs, roller skating, ice skating, boys, and Stevie. 
Noted for — her ability to wear clothes, and to get along 
with others. Ambition — to become a Home Ec teacher 
like my idol Mrs. Wunschel. Dislikes — waiting, being 


"But when that which is perfect is come, then that which 
is in part shall be done away." Favorite expression — 
"Hey." Wants to forget most — the pressures of tradi- 
tion. Noted for — singing. Ambition — to reach a state 
of spiritual satisfaction. Pet peeve — the limitation of 
words. Twenty years from now — past the edge of time. 
Dislikes — genocide and the dry feeling of newspapers 
on your fingertips. 


"The concept of progress acts as a protective mechanism 
to shield us from the terrors of the future." Favorite 
expression — "I'm the man." Wants to forget most — 
meetings at Whitney Woods with D.C. Usually seen 
with — Chiz, Birf f, Woofie, Tony. Favorite hangout — 
Nick's, Chiz's barn. Pet peeve — people interfering with 
other people's lives. I deny — Ever meeting K B. after 10 
/4/73. Worst horror show — 10/4/73 with M.K.G. 
Dislikes — having Mr. Collins chasing me around. 


"There is nothing so precious as a faithful friend, and no 
scales can measure his excellence, a faithful friend is an 
elixir of life." Remembers most — trip on African SVA, 
walking, going to Maria's house, phone conversation, 
parties, getting my driver's license, Italian feasts Likes — 
apple juice, good food, music, T.V., dungarees, to travel. 
Secret desire — to conquer the Italian language and to go 
around the world, especially go to Palermiti. Dislikes — 
homework, being late. Gym. 

"Hi" "Hide" 

"Man . . . must also have the sanctuary of unspoiled 
land, a place of solitude where he may turn his thoughts 
inward, He must have the opportunity to wonder at the 
miracle of creation " Likes — A/U and Company, skiing, 
Switzerland, The Ranch, Stratton, certain parties, kittens, 
water-skiing, weeping willows, taking off, rock climbing, 
Christmas, seeing old friends. Dislikes — brussel 
sprouts, not being on my own, good-byes, blowing up, 
warm wet winters, "green Christmases," not having a cat. 
Ambition — to hike the Appalachian Trail, to be an art- 
ist and write poetry. Noted for — red hair, artwork, 
being myself. Favorite hangout — the mts. Remembers 
most — summers in Colorado, CSC, Skiing at Mad River 
for the first time. Seen with — my bike, a smile. 


"Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken 
winged bird that cannot fly." Likes — W.R.L.'s smile, 
my other family, Tranquility, dances in Duxbury, long 
walks on the beach, a certain VW, long weekends, soap 
operas. Dislikes — early curfews, squealers, snobs, cold 
snowy days, short hair, not having a car, having people 
mad at me for no reason. Wants to remember most — 12 
/18/71, 6/16/72, 11/4/73, Christmas 1973, Beechwood. 
Paula's white coup, my Fury III. Wants to forget most — 
Brooks Discount, Scituate Harbor, 11/2/73, 3/16/73, 3/ 
23/73, sneaking, one ring phone calls. Noted for — 
being gullible. Seen with — Billy, Gail, Laurie B., Lau- 
ren, Paula, Fanny and whoever else is around. 



"The grand essentials to happiness in this life are some- 
thing to do, something to love and something to hope 
for." Likes — Rick, taking walks, Lt. Kane, kittens, Eng- 
lish Leather, "Mr Sandman," Panda bears, W.P.L.M. 
news, angel food cake, working in the P.D. Dislikes — 
waiting, good-byes, onions, snails, Brockton. Remembers 
most — Oct 3, 1969, March 16, 1973, June 3, 1973, swan 
boat ride, New Year's night 1970 in Boston, my cat 
Andrew, roses on my 17th birthday, the Barnside. Wants 
to forget — Brockton H.S. Ambition — to learn how to 
spell Secret desire — to have my wish come true. 
Activities — Majorettes 1, 2 (capt.); Cheering 2, 4; Rous- 
ers4; Yearbook 4; OEA 4 



"Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all 
within yourself, in your way of thinking." — Marcus 
Aurelius. Remembers most — Our class, CHS faculty, 
SEMSBA, '72-73 B.B. season, powderpuff, Tessahoc '74, 
Senior Class Play, Summer '72 and '73. Wants to forget 
most — crying in school, "sorry," writing papers the 
night before, scar on right hand, all the gawks, Quincy 
Registry, Dr. Stallard, worrying about schoolwork. 
Ambition — to stay happy, to spread happiness to others 
Noted for — wanting to do everything Likes — school 
spirit, school, being out-of-doors, meeting and being 
with people, daydreaming, music, my family, pancaking. 
Dislikes — Apathy, auditions, applications, making deci- 
sions, phonies, worrying about $, stuck-up people, need- 
less restrictions. I deny — driving berween 1 :00 A.M. and 
5:00 A.M., trying to cheat the phone Co. Cause of death 
— overactivity 



"Play for more than you can afford to lose and you will 
learn the game." Remembers most — B. Ball camp, sum- 
mer of '71, 5 in the Fiat, 3 on a bike, skiing at Black Mt., 
England's party. Likes — basketball stories, Rocky Beach, 
being a Scorpio, Martha's Vineyard. Usually seen with — 
Jan and Greg. Ambition — "Know something about 
everything and everything about something." I deny — 
being "the H.B.K." Worst horror show — Danny's 

Activities — Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Powderpuff 3, 4. 


"They were a people with a beginning, with beliefs, lan- 
guage, ornaments, fables, love of children, but most of 
all — a scheme of life which worked I shall not be there 
I shall rise and pass. Bury my heart at Wounded Knee." 
— Stephen Vincent Benet. Likes — Mt. Katahin, Astron- 
Bradbury, John Denver, Zeppelin, hiking Dislikes- — 
Hot weather, counter girls who complain, atomic balm, 
people who think they are experts on everything. Pet 
peeve — People who think that school is a business. 
Remembers most — Gunrock, Sandy, and Reed's raves; 
the snickers bar affair; The one continual rave down 
Ocean Lunch-Summer 73. Wants to forget most — 
April 3, 1973 and getting kicked off the school commit- 



"Marcos" "Tracka" 

Likes — sailing, raving at CSC, Sciruate girls, KR. Dis- 
likes — messy parties, Spanish, a certain rock on Beach 
St. Remembers most — THE WALKOUT, Bell's party, 
the ' 7 3 cast party. High Times "activities." Wants to for- 
get most — a certain "party," being docked for the Cong- 
don Series, Mr. Gray. Noted for — camera, Polar Bears, 
P.S.G., '60 Chevy. Ambition — to sail to Calif., to assas- 
sinate the "Big Four." Secret desire — to take pictures for 
Playboy. Usually seen with — just about everyone and 
the "men" on the High Times staff. 


"Mary Jane" 

"He has not lived who has not felt ..." Likes — Andy, 
my friends, chocolate, veal cutlets, sunsets, coke, Mr. 
Mac's English classes, long weekends, Mr. Sheehan's 
jokes, going to San Jose, late nights, Siamese cats, Sandy 
Beach, having sisters, 10 o'clocks back exits, Sha Na Na, 
songs that fit, burning rubber in my driveway. Dislikes 
— the morning after the night before, moles, physicals, 
good-byes, Mondays, snakes, affectations, not being able 
to get a word in edgewise, rain, retainers, margarine, 
Warrick Mansion. Remembers — Andy's kilt, B.B.A. at 
Sandy Beach, night on the island, 10/7/72, the feasts, 
"Trete Cafe," wild flowers, Camp Wampatuck, r2, RLI, 
Carla's at 10, 8/10/73, Nantasket and Martha's Vineyard, 
covered bridge, Megan's parties. Valiant breakdown, 
Adv. Bio. with Carla, leaving Al's. Forget — "Ed," cer- 
tain parties, voices, interrogations, sprained ankle, THAT 
NIGHT! Noted for — going in and coming out. Cause 
of death — smoke inhalation. Secret desire — to be head 
laundress. Seen with — Susan, Susan, Kay, Patty, Debbie, 
Carla, Megan. 

"Lori" "Lana" 

"Eyes may not see flowers, but the heart can see love." 
Likes — Phil, eating, skiing, swimming, U. Tenn., Cape 
Cod, walking in the rain, southern accent. Dislikes — 
getting fat, diets, fish, hay fever, cold mornings. Noted 
for — Dr. Seuss lunchbox. Remembers most — Jethro 
Tull concert, W. Denise, football game U.N.H., Worlds 
End, visits to Tabor. Wants to forget most — June 16, 
1972, W.B. party, 9th grade. Ambition — to be an art 

Activities — Cheerleading 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Senior Class 
Play 3, 4; Softball 1 

"Jackie or Lime" 

Ifrs ^ I "Everything that lives, lives not alone." Likes — F.M., 

orange juice, the beach, Chinese food, cooking, biking, 
walking in the rain, the Autumn. Remembers most — 
Summer "73," arriving the U.S. for the first time, "the 
Kontiki." Wants to forget most — leaving G.B. Usually 
seen with — friendly people. Noted for — My English 
habits and expressions. Secret desire — to own my own 
B M W. Dislikes — milk, snobs, snow being put down 
my back, lima beans, cliques, arguing, butterscotch pud- 


Favorite expression — "You wish it." Remembers most 

— April 1, 1971. Wants to forget most — April 1, 1971. 
Usually seen with — a few slow runners. Likes — Bikes, 
Z's, all but one. Noted for — shortness. Favorite hangout 

— bust room. I deny — April 1, 1971. Worst horror 
show — April 1, 1971. 


Favorite expression — "Weymouth is better." Remem- 
bers most — 9/9/73 with CA M. Wants to forget most 
— getting the can opener. Usually seen with — E.J., 
Tony, R.A.S., Billy, Birff, Steve. Likes — playing cards, 
Steppen Wolf. Favorite hangout — The "City." Secret 
desire — to move back to Weymouth. 
Activities — Baseball. 



"There is nothing to fear but fear itself, fear is the mind 
killer." Favorite expression — "Nonsense." Remembers 
most — My pinball machine, the bear with sunglasses, 
the volcano. Wants to forget most — Last summer at 
Yaj's, and the backdoor to the pinball machines. Likes — 
chess, boating, fishing, my car truck, cruisin' anywhere. 
Favorite hangout — Rocky beach. Ambition — To 
become a mad scientist. Cause of death — Drowning at 
age 84 in a lake. Dislikes — Newark N.J. 


"It is only the ignorant who despise education " Favorite 
expression — "I'll do it tomorrow." Remembers most — 
The future. Wants to forget most — '73 X-Country sea- 
son. Usually seen with — Pat, Fran, Rich, Dave. Likes — 
German food, fast boats, Florida, cookies. Ambition — 
To visit Russia and China. Pet peeve — Slow runners. 
Cause of death — Laughing. Worst horror show — 
Watergate hearings. Dislikes — French, school lunches, 


"Love knows not its depth until the hour of separation." 
Remembers most — moving here, Mt Carrigain, trips 
into Boston and other places. Wants to forget most — 
leaving there, getting lost. Likes — people, the Red Sox, 
cats, lima beans, KUMQUATS, long walks, the ocean, 
sailing, and Maine. Noted for — my smile. Ambition — 
to stay happy and to make other people happy. Pet peeve 
— litter and waste. Secret desire — to never have to leave 
anywhere but to keep moving on. Hero — Carl Yas- 
trzemski Dislikes — good-byes, lack of spirit, being 
depressed, and negativism. 




"It is easier to fool yourself today than con yourself 
tomorrow." Favorite saying — "Let's get your act 
together." Usually seen with — X-Country and track 
members. Happiness is — winning first place in the hur- 
dles. Misery is — working Friday and Saturday nights. 
Ambition — To succeed in all aspects of life. 
Transfer student from Medfield High School, Medfield, 
Mass. 2. Activities — Cross Country 3; Track 2, 3, 4; 
School Play 1 ; Chorus 1 ; Glee Club 1 ; Library Aid 1 ; Lab 
Assistant 1 

"Kathy or Whitey" 

"Most of the shadows of the life are caused by our stand- 
ing in our own sunshine." Remembers most — Mr. Col- 
lins' 10 A English class, Brooksie's green kilt, parties at 
Logans, nurse's office, Canada trip. Wants to forget most 
— losing powderpuff game, 800 waffles, those organized 
yearbook meetings!! Incident at Jerusalem Rd. Likes — 
Chinese food, raving with the field hockey crew, Berta's 
"Fie," helping people, Aunt Mary, walking on the beach, 
cooking. Noted for — my sneeze. Ambition — to work 
on the U.S.S. Hope. Cause of death — drowning due to 
the sinking of the flagship of the Swiss Navy. Worst 
horror show — having my shorts rip at a powder puff 
practice. Dislikes — M.A. singing, "The Sound of 
Music," Dorchester accent, phoney people, cold feet, tur- 



"There's so many dreams I've yet to find." Likes — my 
grandparents, blue jeans and bare feet, laughing, having 
Jennifer with me, The Beach Boys, wishing on stars, 
friendly people, old movies. Dislikes — being all by 
myself, saying good-bye, feeling sad, phoney people. 
Remembers most — Junior year, "Spying," chemistry, 3- 
point turn, bombing around, "my store," grape juice and 
gingerale, rock '72. Wants to forget most — a dream that 
never came true, sadness, 10/9/72, a certain summer 
night losing something I thought was real. Secret desire 
— To be just like my grandmother, To do all the things 
I've wished for. Noted for — being gullible, understand- 
ing a joke the day after it was told. 
Activities — Softball 1 ; Marshalls 1 , Spanish Club 2; 
Cheerleading 4; Rousers 4; O.E.A.; Powderpuff 3. 



Remembers most — Red. orange, squanto. Wants to for- 
get most — Rakes. Likes — V.W.'s, ice, crusin, comput- 
ers. Favorite hangout — Rick's house. Pet peeve — 
moldy rakes. Twenty years from now — waiting for parts 
for V W. Dislikes — I E C O . boats, CC's. 



Remembers most — Jeff Smith. Usually seen with - 


Likes — Sleek sailboats, shiny cars. Mercedes, cutting 
classes, to go sailing. B.Pong. Pet peeve — wooden pop- 
sicle sticks. Wants go forget most — Frankenstein. 
Ambition — to restore Mercedes. Dislikes — Cadillacs. 
Y.Ts, bad dances. Secret desire — to sail around the 
world. Favorite hangout — By the sea. in the sea. on the 



Favorite expression — "Hey." Remembers most — 
CH S. Christmas concert, Lil Abner, some music teach- 
ers. Usually seen with — the boys. Noted for — drums, 
H.A.H., Dolphins. Favorite hangout — with the boys at 
the station. Ambition — to become a state policeman. 
Pet peeve — Teachers who tell me what to do when I am 
working the A.V. Dislikes — Some people. 



| I 











Pam and Barry 

Best Combination of 
Beauty and Brains 






Margie and Bill 

Bill and Bobbie 


Most Likely to Succeed 

Ellen and John Berta and Paul 1 1 9 

Most Athletic 

Nat'l Merit Letters Of Commendation 

Marianne O'Leary, Ellen Tewksbury, Margie Benedict. (Missing): Billy Bell Pierce Cray 

Harvard Book 

Pierce Cray 

D.A.R. Award 
Rensselaer Award 

Ellen Tewksbury 

Boys' State 

Barry Hines 

Bausch and Lomb 

Doug Thompson 

Girls' State 

Nat'l Merit Semi-Finalist 

Jill Kern 

Bob Wirth leaves silently but deadly 

Pat Ahearn leaves the survival class cold weather record to Mr. Mac. 

Peter Gurnis leaves his friend Paul Jenkins 

Alan Wesoloski leaves the lunchroom ladies to WBCN 

Ernie Wright leaves Mr. Franey his chameleons 

Nancy Wilkinson leaves smiling for the races 

Janet Campbell leaves the best way to get out of gym — don't go 

Tricia Hanlon leaves the faucet on 

Margaret Signorelli leaves Mr. Walsh to take care of the manager at "A" 

Laurie Herzog leaves with ha mouth open 

Andrea Glynn leaves the letters to G.F. 

Fred McKinnon leaves Tyed in knots 

Peter Pearce leaves the school doors open to the town dogs 

Laurie Fesler leaves a permanent late pass from Mrs. Enders 

Ken Fielding leaves one less headache for the Fed 

John Barlow leaves for where the cold wind blows 

John Buckley leaves my ownership of the raving lunchroom radiator to Louie Longo 

Brian Hines leaves the winning ways of the Cohasset teams to the jocks of the junior class 

Stewart Davis leaves a funny looking blue bug for anyone who can locate it 

Eric Knight leaves 5,000 unsold copies of the High Times to next year's editor 

Paul Carmody leaves the school to his brother 

Jimmy Emmons leaves the orange V.W. to Sue 

Jill Kern leaves two free tickets for a Monday morning bus ride with the Munchkins 

Mary Hobbs leaves Mr. Dunn with some peace of mind 

Scott Dickson leaves the gray box full 

Charlene Hart leaves a box of stationery 

Sally Thayer leaves hoping that Little V grows up to be like Big V Best Wishes from the Basketball Team 

Tom Watson leaves his nickname to whoever or whatever wants it 

Jeb Killion leaves Cohasset High School more knowledgeable of who he is 

Patty Antoine leaves Janie with another year at C.H.S. 

Susan Kelley leaves Greyhound bound 

Kevin Fox leaves six more foxes to go 

Susan McArthur leaves for subs 

Jack McDonald leaves a lifetime supply of tuna for tunafish 

Gail Maurer leaves Mattapan behind her 

Greg Hoffman leaves in "the" Fiat 

Barry Hines leaves his hairy toes, to any beast with a good bark 

Patty O'Rourke leaves without giving a reason 

Tim Lavoie leaves a field to the joint chiefs of staff 

Ellen Tewksbury leaves still searching for her Senior privileges 

Patty Mulligan leaves for a walk along the beach 

Heidi Taylor leaves for the mountains 

Liz Joyce leaves with a bang 

Linda Tener leaves her other shaker to Mr. Chatterton 

Kathy Killion leaves to join the vice squad 

Kay Studley leaves a bottle of apple in locker number 1 18 

Paul Kelley leaves his marble slab statue with a scab 

Pierce Cray leaves 10th Grade to David Foell 

Linda Luscombe leaves Otis to carry the fort 

Brad Clark leaves chewing ice cubes for Philadelphia with Bambie 

Richard Mcintosh leaves the family tree 

June Neagle leaves talking to Miss Babian 

Darlene Hiltz leaves to lift weights with the Winchester man 

Terry England leaves Mr. Collins 5 hot fudge sundaes 

Phil Alexander leaves Lora's pole in Boston to any Jr. girl who can handle it 

Berta Phippen leaves Mr. Collins smirking 


Carol Winn leaves Mr. Davis no one to run away with 

Robert Pfaffman leaves the "History of Chicago" to all Chicago-haters 

Martha Colan leaves Mrs. Thompson 

Kay Marten leaves a one way ticket to San Jose for anyone who can handle it 

Mike Colleton leaves Wendy without transportation 

Kathy Anderson leaves beating Boo Bailey 6 love, 6 love 

Anne Cif rino leaves her laugh to anyone who can handle it 

Bill Lyons leaves the phone numbers of all the Jr. High girls to Jack McDonald 

Bill Chisolm leaves Lynn 

Pam Bartlett leaves her job at the paper store 

Alicia Chase leaves her shoes to Sarah Blossom 

Carla Pearson leaves Mr. Franey searching for a new lab assistant and baby sitter 

Mark DeGiacamo leaves with the goose chasing him 

Mike Bailey leaves his strut to Mr. Collins 

Tony Carbone leaves his Rambler to the Smithsonian 

Carol Mitchner leaves a new bus to the remaining METCO students 

Paula Buckley leaves Nica 

Brian Bell leaves his body to Weber McGinnis 

Gordon Cambell leaves a voodoo doll of himself to Mr. Walsh 

Debbie Power leaves the mold 

Debbie Smith leaves her wardrobe to Darlene A. and her ability to think 

Lee Dickson leaves her thermos to whomever can open it 

Billy Bell leaves his female-followers drooling 

Peter Anderson leaves the "key" to anyone who dares to use it 

Roberta Taylor leaves Liz Buckley 500 pieces of Bazooka Bubble Gum 

Carol Shea leaves her torn cartilage to the Jr. Powderpuff 

Ed Block leaves to honeymoon at Honeywell 

Jenny Dilbeck leaves to be head nurse at Mass. General 

Margie Benedict leaves to all aspiring students Book One of the Personal Success Program — "How to Size People Up." 

Joe Dooley leaves his silk pajamas and availability to Portagee 

Disy Bloomf ield leaves for the Virgin Islands singing "I wanna be wrapped up" 

Karen Golden leaves still not yet having figured it out 

Sue Dunn leaves Lissy all the extras 

John McNabb leaves Mr. Franey a copy of the Bill of Rights 

Shirley Snyder leaves on a high note 

Jill Kern leaves a job at the library for any other, qualified bookworm 

Steve Stanford leaves as usual 

Jim Rosano leaves his telephone to the Hall of Fame and his personal telephone book to Portagee 

Janet Basmajian leaves Alice in Wonderland to Sha, Weeza, Lil, Lil, Ingrid, Donna and Ali. Good Luck 

Mark Trask leaves Jay Flanagan the Scituate women 

Paul Rooney leaves Portagee on his own 

Jackie Tye leaves her limey accent 

Megan Lynch leaves Jack the telephone pole at Aloha 

Francis Vecchione leaves doing pushups 

Maria Marcella leaves Suzy to handle the "Paesani" 

Jay Quilty leaves a gift certificate to Mr. Fed at the Casual Male 

Bob Wagner leaves for Weymouth after finally beating Barlow 

Donna Osbourne leaves to go back to Quincy 

Maryjane Trettis leaves Uncle Eddie down the Inn 

David White leaves morning to the originator 

Betsy Fig leaves belching 

Laura Turner leaves a Dr. Seuss lunchbox to another Turner 

Kathy White leaves Mr. Deakin to clean the locker room 

Rich Yeager leaves for a Gillette commercial 

Tish Salerno leaves watching the Knicks collapse 

Brian O'Connell leaves his little brother to surpass him 

Doug Thompson leaves the Cohasset School Committee a copy of, The High and the Mighty 

Emmett Holt leaves the High Times behind 

Richard Yocum leaves to join Sgt. Joe Friday and Bill Gannon 

Marianne O'leary leaves to join the Clancy Bros. 

Bob O'Rourke leaves for some Georgia Peaches 

Cheryll Foster leaves her mouth to Lillian Murray 

Richard Green leaves the National Honor Society 

Katie Collins leaves for the fertile fields of Ohio 

Clair Cantrell leaves to become a famous actress 


What If? 

Patrick Ahearn wore a shirt without a pencil pocket. 

Philip Alexander didn't have his own personal cheerleader. 

Kathy Anderson lost to Boo Bailey. 

Peter Anderson lived in a liquor store. 

Patricia Antoine was bashful. 

Michael Bailey didn't strut. 

John Barlow got dunked in "No More Tangles." 

Pam Bartlett wasn't friendly. 

Janet Basmajian married Gary Ashjian and moves to Armenia. 

Brian Bell ran out of gas. 

William Bell went to Quincy Jr. 

Margie Benedict lost her temper. 

Ed Block didn't wear the Finest. 

Diana Bloomfield had her hands tied behind her back. 

John Buckley couldn't get to the beach. 

Paula Buckley's car started in the winter. 

Gordon Campbell didn't have a camera attached to his neck. 

Clair Cantrell married a bald man. 

Tony Carbone drove up in a Porsche. 

Paul Carmody scooped a shutout. 

Alicia Chase ran out of shoes. 

Billy Chisholm didn't have his dog, Woofy. 

Anne Cifrino didn't have "D" period off. 

Bradford Clark broke his legs. 

Michael Colleton won an election. 

Martha Conlan wasn't Patty Hanlon's partner in crime. 

Pierce Cray's battery died hard. 

Stewart Davis went through the paint store window instead of Ed. 

Mark DeGiacomo didn't have his daily pack. 

Lucia DeVito elopes. 

Scott Dickson moved to Bogata. 

Lee Dickson never gets out of Cohasset. 

Jennifer Dilbeck didn't like plum pudding. 

Joe Dooley wasn't available. 

Jay Dolan kept his license for more than a month. 

Susan Dunn never went to the "Bar & Grill." 

Paula Emanuello became a janitor. 

Laura Emilson didn't have Pam Bartlett. 

Jimmy Emmons was really Larry Csonka. 

Terry England was never Jay's lab partner. 

Cathy Farren never comes back. 

Laurie Fesler got laryngitis. 

Ken Fielding did the Spanish homework. 

Betsy Figueiredo didn't wear bandanas. 

Cheryl Foster won a trip to Paris via New Jersey. 

Kevin Fox ruined yet another priceless vehicle. 

Andrea Glynn gets the land in Milton and he shows up in 1978. 

Karen Golden had no new clothes. 

Richard Green made high honors. 

Peter Gurnis moved to Russia and played football. 

Patricia Hanlon never forged notes. 

Charlene Hart lost Kathy 's address. 

Laurie Herzog didn't have the accent. 

Darlene Hiltz married the Winchester Man. 

Barry Hines ever bumped into Cybil Shepard. 

Brian Hines was best-looking. 

Mary Hobbs made it to school on time. 

Greg Hoffman wore elevator shoes. 

Emmett Holt got caught. 

Paul Jenkins gave everyone else **** for a change. 

Elizabeth Joyce gave a speech. 

Paul Kelley really was an ice cream man. 


Susan Kelley didn't show emotions. 

Jill Kern didn't have Barlow's hair. 

Kathy Killion bent over a campf ire. 

James Killion did library research before an assembly. 

Eric Knight ran out of "mooching" techniques. 

Lisa Laugelle was really Irish. 

Linda Luscombe was a "Profit." 

Tim Lavoie didn't have a saint tie clip. 

Megan Lynch didn't like food. 

William Lyons got a thorn in his paw. 

Maria Marcella makes 21 without a ring. 

Julianna Marcella stopped talking in Italian. 

Kay Marten had legs. 

Gail Maurer lost even one pound. 

Susan McAthur got wrapped up in Philbert's arms. 

Jack McDonald owned a Good n' Plenty factory. 

Fred McKinnon came to school. 

Richard Mcintosh lost his dancing ability. 

John McNabb was related to Mr. Gray. 

Kevin McNeil had his car towed away. 

Carol Mitchener learned to write big. 

Tricia Mulligan never really came back. 

Michael Murphy really existed. 

June Neagle spent a whole day in school. 

Valerie Norris ever read a book. 

Brian O'Connell went to Harvard. 

Marianne O'Leary forgot the words to a song. 

Patricia O'Rourke majored in French. 

Robert O'Rourke dropped the dish. 

Donna Osbourne was president of Weight Watchers. 

Peter Pearce runs out of money in the bank. 

Carla Pearson never went to Hull that summer. 

Roberta Phippen was early to English. 

Deborah Power lost a rank fight to Waka. 

John Quilty became a father. 

Paul Rooney grew a beard and then bought cigars. 

James Rosano had his phone disconnected. 

Tish Salerno saw the toothbrush Bob caught it from. 

Carol Shea didn't rave. 

Margaret Signorelli went out with Bill Lyons. 

Debbie Smith made the cover of Glamour magazine. 

Shirley Snyder lost her voice. 

Steve Stanford wasn't tough. 

Kay Studley joins the Marines. 

Heidi Taylor left with Pete Frasier. 

Bobbi Taylor never went to Beechwood. 

Linda Tener wasn't stopped by a "marshall" in the seventh grade. 

Ellen Tewksbury flunked a test. 

Sally Thayer had a little smiley. 

Doug Thompson got the disease again. 

Mark Trask didn't meet the Sciruate girls. 

Maryjane Trettis didn't have a fire escape. 

Francis Vecchione was the mayor of Beechwood. 

Robert Wagner finally asked out Disy Bloomfield. 

Tom Watson got thrown out of Boy Scouts. 

Carol Winn lost her make-up. 

Ernie Wright bought out Scott's. 

Richard Yeager shaved his beard. 

Richard Yocum got arrested. 

David White wasn't a Waldo. 

Kathy White became uncoordinated. 

Nancy Wilkinson lost her smile. 

Bob Wirth married her. 

Lora Turner broke a glass. 

Jackie Tye wasn't tied up. 


Bill B 

Margaret S. 

Donna O. 

128 EmmcttR 

Best Wishes to 

Class of 1974 


13 Elm Street 

Cohasset, Massachusetts 

Light Weight Food for 
Hungry Outdoorsmen 


Freeze Dried and Dehydrated 
Food Specialties 
Over 100 Items 

166 Cushing Hwy., Cohasset 


Complete Marine Service 

Marine Hardware 
Homelite Johnson 
Sales and Service 

160 Cushing Highway 



23 South Main Street 
Cohasset Village 

The fun place to shop! 


Rte. 3-A 

Towle Sterling 

Movado, Bulova 
Accutron Watches 

Cushing Plaza, Cohasset 

Mona Friel 

Hair Stylist 
Five Stage Coach Way 

Cohasset, Mass. 

Susan M. 

Megan L 



Julie and Maria M. 


Susan K. 

Peter A. 

1 30 Patrick A 

Best Wishes to 
the Class of 1974 



48 South Main St., Cohasset 

Savings Accounts 

Best Wishes to the 
Senior Class 




Gifts and Cards 
Cushing Plaza, Cohasset 
Gifts for All Occasions 

Cushing Plaza 
Cohasset, Mass. 




Best Wishes 

to the 
Class of 1974 


South Main Street 

Your Professional 

Complete Medicare Service — Sales, Rentals 
Beds and Wheel Chairs 
Surgical Supplies Wholesale and Retail 
Public Health Station 
Blue Cross — Blue Shield 
Medex III and Medicare Prescription Billing Serv 
Micronaire Sales and Rentals 
Devilbiss Humidifiers and Vaporizers 
Polaroid — Water Pi k — Saunda — Broxoden 
Prestige Cosmetics — Esquisite Toiletries 

Good Luck to the Class of '74 


Route 3A Cohasset 

Cohasset Motors, Inc. 




Shop the Big Lot — A- 1 Used Cars 

Route 3A 

400 Chief Justice Cushing Highway — 



Mr. and Mrs. Frank X. Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Anderson 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Barlow 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bartlett, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Benedict, III 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Block 

Dr. and Mrs. Lincoln P. Bloomf ield 

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Buckley, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Buckley 

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Campbell 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cantrell 

Mrs. James S. Carmody 

Mr. and Mrs. James Cifrino 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Clark 

Col. and Mrs. Francis X. Colleton 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Curley, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Dickson 

Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Dilbeck 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Dunn 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Emilson 

Mr. and Mrs. Johm G. Emmons 

Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Figueiredo 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Foster 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Fox 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Golden 

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hiltz 

Mrs. Dorothy K. Hines 

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Hobbs 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Hoffman 

Mr. and Mrs. L. Emmett Holt III 

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Joyce 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kealey 

Mr. and Mrs. Wdliam E. Kelley 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Killion Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Loomis S. Kinney 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Knight 

Mr. and Mrs. Rocco F. Laugelle 

Gen. and Mrs. Edward F. Logan 

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Luscombe, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Lynch 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lyons 

Dr. and Mrs. James Marten 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. McArthur, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McDonald 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Mcintosh 

Dr. and Mrs. Frederic W. McKinnon 

Mr. and Mrs. John K. McNabb 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Mello 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Neagle, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William G. O'Connell, J 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. O'Leary 

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. O'Rourke 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. O'Rourke 

Mr. and Mrs. John Osbourne 

Mr. and Mrs. Mauran S. Pearce, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Eric G. Pearson 

Mr. and Mrs. John Pfaffmann 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Phippen 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Power 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Quilty 

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Rosano Sr. 

Mrs. Eileen M. Shea 

Mr. and Mrs. William Signorelli 

Mr. and Mrs. William Smith 

Mrs. Sylvia B. Taylor 

Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton T. Tewksbury 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Thayer, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Trask 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Trettis 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Turner 

Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Tye 

Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Wagner 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wilkinson 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Winn 


William G. Mattcson, D.M.D. 
Richard D. Monsees, M.D. 
Richard R. Smith, M.D. 
Edward F. Woods, D.M.D. 



Mrs. Jessie B. Cox 
James R. DeGiacomo 
Hollis T. Gleason 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Humphreys 
David E. Place 

Walter S. Railsback 
Hiller B. Zobel 


Best of Luck to 
The Class of 74 




Route 3 A 




Hair Styling for Men 

Hair Straightening 

Cohasset, Mass. 

Regular Hair Cutting 
Razor Cutting 

I I I Ripley Rd. 

* i.i liiim • 



Cushing Plaza 


Route 3A 

Best Wishes 


^^^^ Realtors 

Eleanor Collins 

Frank Patterson 
Jackie Paris 

Audrey Bower 

Jim Stannard 
Janet Lahive 

Best Wishes to the Class of 1974 



Route 3A Cohasset 


Chrysler Plymouth International Atco Trailers 
"We Produce What Others Promise" 


Interior Decorating 




Donald M. Flocke President 
Brigantine East 
Route 3A, Cohasset, Ma. 

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 
Saturday 9:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M. 
Wednesday 9:30 A.M.-12:00 
Evenings by Appointment 


Coiffures of Distinction 

Route 3A Cohasset, Mass. 

Next to Signorelli's. 


35 South Main Street 

Here You May Choose From a Complete Selection 
of the World's Finest Jewelry and Silverware 

. that 


s confidence 

in any circle 
of friends 





Johnny M. 

Brian O. 

Marianne O. 1 37 

Good Luck to the Class of '74 


115 Ripley Road 

Cohasset, Mass. 

Janet B. 

Paula B. 

Pierce C. 

1 38 Terry E. 

A & G Boat Company, Inc. 




Ample Parking in Rear. Tel. : 545-1400 


Compliments of 

D. S. Campbell 

Telephone 383- 0732 



Meats — Fresh Fish 
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 

Choice Liquors — Beer and Wines 

60 South Main Street 




Cohasset, Mass. 


Bulova Watches 

Diamond Setting 

Expert Jewelry and 
Watch Repairing 
Work Done on Premises 

130 Front St. 

Scituate, Ma. 02066 





N MAM. 02tt.» 


Carol Winn 

and the 
Senior Class 


Cheryl F. 

Kathy K. 

Anne C. 


115 Ripley Road 



Cushing Plaza 


Compliments of 
Kitchen Aid 


405 Route 3A 
Cohasset, Mass. 02025 

Philco Maytag 

40 Border Street 

Compliments of 


Cohasset, Mass. 


Betsy F. 

Charlene H. 

Congratulations to the Class of 1974 

My sincere wishes to each 
graduate for continued 
success in the future. 


Good Luck and Best Wishes! 
To the Class of 74 
From the Class of '87 


Director: Eleanor Lyons 


Best Wishes 


Route 3A 


39A South Main Street 

Lora T. 

Brad C. 

Brian and Barry H. 

Laurie H. 






Free Delivery 383-0185 
Louis G. Watson 


Best Wishes to the Class of 1974 


Cushing Plaza, Cohasset 

Hardware and Gifts 

24 Elm Street 


Congratulations and the Best of Luck 
to the Class of 1974